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Karen Merritt

Department: Workforce Development EAM

· CPMD Instructor - Grant

Hello and Welcome!

I’m an Environmental Geologist and Public Health Engineer and have recently joined the Corning School of Ocean Studies here at Maine Maritime Academy. I teach:

  • OS204 – Physical Geology
  • OS211 – Coastal Geology / Geological Oceanography

My teaching interests also include:

  • Contaminant reaction and transport kinetics
  • Assessment of chemical bioavailability
  • Environmental aquatic chemistry
  • Power and inequity in society
  • Spatialization of disparity
  • Saltmarsh dynamics
  • Geomorphology

My scholarship interests include:

  • ABET framework expansion and social and environmental justice in STEM
  • Iterative success criteria and long-term environmental monitoring
  • Contaminated sediment site characterization and remediation
  • Global chlor-alkali distribution and industrial history
  • International research collaborations

New Courses (NC) and Course Modules (CM) I’m currently developing:

  • Coastal Urban Environments and Climate Change (NC)
  • Introduction to Ecological Engineering (NC)
  • Power, Equity and Society (NC)
  • Field Methods in Salt Marsh Assessment (CM)
  • Social Vulnerability Mapping (CM)

My CV is here. Other things I show up for are boats, bikes, bees, books, baking, camping, community gardens, hiking, writing, rivers, social change and social practice art.