Corning School of Ocean Studies Seminar Series

Seminars are held at 3:00 PM on Mondays in the Delano auditorium in Leavitt Hall. Remote public viewers access to these events can be accessed for free by clicking on the “Access” link in the right-hand column below.

Spring 2023

March 27Maritime Climate SymposiumDecarbonizing the Maritime Industry – Future Challenges & Opportunities
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April 17Abby McBride Sketch Biologist
April 24Trish Dunford
Marine Biology ’16
US Navy stationed in Italy

Fall 2022

Sep. 12Dr. Emily ArsenaultBates CollegeWhat can robots reveal? An initial exploration of New England lakes using autonomous surface vehicles
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Oct. 31Daniel Vitalis Wildfed and Rewild YourselfDiet and Ecological Literacy, a Modern Hunter Gatherer’s Perspective
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Nov. 7Justin StevensMaine Sea GrantResponse of estuary ecosystem to large-scale restoration in the Penobscot River, Maine.
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Nov. 14Dr. Campbell "Buzz" ScottOceans Wide LLCUnderwater adventures - From Matinicus to the Mariana Trench
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Nov. 28Ocean Studies StudentsMaine Maritime AcademySummer InternshipsWatch Seminar
Dec. 5Chris WestMaine Department of Inland Fisheries & WildlifeThe Importance of Maine’s Mudflats
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Fall 2021

Sep. 13Roger HanlonMarine Biological Laboratory; Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Brown UniversityThe Octopus as Tech: Exploring the science, art, and technological potential of nature's most spectacular color change artistWatch Seminar
Sep. 27Justin PrattOcean Studies Department, Maine Maritime AcademyCollege Students Teaching Chemistry Through Outreach: Conceptual Understanding of the Elephant Toothpaste Reaction and Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice CreamWatch Seminar
Oct. 18Diana TownsendUnity CollegeDisentangling the Drivers of Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Trophic MetacommunitiesWatch Seminar
Nov. 1Amy Baco-TaylorDepartment of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Science, Florida State UniversityExploration of Deep-Sea Coral Communities on Seamounts in the North Pacific: Characterization, Impacts and RecoveryWatch Seminar
Nov. 15Chris HorvatInstitute at Brown for Environment and Society, Brown UniversityThe Polar Oceans in a Changing WorldWatch Seminar
Nov. 29Loren McClenachanUniversity of VictoriaHistorical Marine Ecology and Conservation: Shifting Baselines in Tropical Marine EnvironmentsWatch Seminar

Spring 2022

Jan. 24Phoebe Churney, Gloria Passman, Ellie Gellerson, Lauren PlisseyMMA Ocean Studies StudentsSenior Research and Internship ResultsWatch Seminar
Feb. 7Justin Estep (MMA)Assistant Professor of OceanographyThe Evolution of Oceanic Crust and its Role in Earth SystemsWatch Seminar
Feb. 21Ali Glassie (Harvard)Postdoctoral Fellow, Mahindra Humanities CenterFeminism and Fisheries: Literary Perspectives from the Northwest AtlanticWatch Seminar
Mar. 21Jason Graff (OSU)Associate Professor of ResearchModern Oceanographic Expeditions: Logistics, Technology, and Scientific ExplorationsWatch Seminar
Mar. 28Angus King, David Reidmiller, Kelly Baughman, Marli Thomas, William BrennanUS Senate, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Crowley, Dept. of Defense, Maine Maritime AcademyMaine Maritime Academy Climate SymposiumWatch Symposium
Apr. 4Sean Birkel (U. Maine)Assistant Extension Professor, Maine State ClimatologistMaine's Climate: Past, Present, and FutureWatch Seminar