Corning School of Ocean Studies Seminar Series
Seminars are held at 3:00 PM on Mondays in the Delano auditorium in Leavitt Hall. Public viewers can access these talks for free by clicking on the “Access” link in the right-hand column below.

Sep. 13Roger HanlonMarine Biological Laboratory; Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Brown UniversityThe Octopus as Tech: Exploring the science, art, and technological potential of nature's most spectacular color change artistWatch Seminar
Sep. 27Justin PrattOcean Studies Department, Maine Maritime AcademyCollege Students Teaching Chemistry Through Outreach: Conceptual Understanding of the Elephant Toothpaste Reaction and Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice CreamWatch Seminar
Oct. 18Diana TownsendUnity CollegeDisentangling the Drivers of Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Trophic MetacommunitiesWatch Seminar
Nov. 1Amy Baco-TaylorDepartment of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Science, Florida State UniversityExploration of Deep-Sea Coral Communities on Seamounts in the North Pacific: Characterization, Impacts and RecoveryWatch Seminar
Nov. 15Chris HorvatInstitute at Brown for Environment and Society, Brown UniversityThe Polar Oceans in a Changing WorldWatch Seminar
Nov. 29Loren McClenachanUniversity of VictoriaHistorical Marine Ecology and Conservation: Shifting Baselines in Tropical Marine EnvironmentsWatch Seminar