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Eligibility Requirements

These requirements must be met in order to successfully apply for the National Scholarship:

  • High school students must be graduating high school with no more than 30 college credit hours
  • College students must be currently enrolled in an NROTC affiliated university while having completed no more than 30 college credit hours
  • Applicants age must be no less than 17 and no more than 23 when entering college
  • High school students must apply to and gain admission to an NROTC affiliated university
  • Accepted applicants must attend New Student Orientation


Midshipmen who earn the National Scholarship will receive the following benefits:

  • Full tuition
  • Stipend for textbooks
  • Uniforms and Naval Science textbooks
  • Monthly stipend:
    • Freshmen – $250 per month
    • Sophomore – $300 per month
    • Junior – $350 per month
    • Senior – $400 per month

Denied the National Scholarship?

The College Program is a way for non-scholarship students to become part of the NROTC program. College Program midshipmen with more than 30 college credits can apply for a 2 or 3 year scholarship during their sophomore or junior year. These “side load” scholarships are not the same as the National Scholarship and must be applied for through the NROTC Unit while participating in the College Program.

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