Located at America’s #1 College for Veterans, NROTC MMA is perfectly positioned to offer you a world-class hands-on education. Be the one to move the world. For more information on applying, programs, and requirements please contact us at 207-326-2465 or MMANROTC@mma.edu to speak with an officer. Go Navy and Semper Fi!

Application Process

Step 1 | Apply for the National Scholarship online

Step 2 | Apply to NROTC affiliated institutions

  • The National Scholarship application requires prospective students to list 5 NROTC affiliated college universities. It is highly recommended to apply to these universities as early as possible.

Step 3 | Apply for the College Program

  • The College Program is a way for non-scholarship students to become part of the NROTC program. If you missed the deadline, were not accepted, or have more than 30 college credits, this is a great option. Applications submitted prior to May 1st have a greater chance of being accepted overall. Applications will be accepted until July 20th, please contact us at 207-326-2465 after that date if interested in joining.
  • College Program midshipmen with more than 30 college credits can apply for a 2 and 3 year scholarships during their sophomore and junior years. These “side load” scholarships are not the same as the National Scholarship and must be applied for through the NROTC Unit while part of the College Program.
  • College Program midshipmen with less than 30 college credits can still apply for the National Scholarship.

Step 4 | Attend New Student Indoctrination (NSI) and New Student Orientation (NSO)

  • NSI is a 13 day militarization program held during the summer prior to freshman year at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. All scholarship recipients must attend NSI. College Program students accepted between April 1 to May 1 are expected to attend.
  • All scholarship recipients and college program students are expected to attend NSO. NSO is a 3 day indoctrination program hosted by the NROTC unit.

Step 1 | Apply for the Strategic Sealift Midshipman Program

  • If you are a high school or college student and you meet the program entrance requirements, complete the SSMP Application here: Strategic Sealift Midshipman Program Application
  • High School students: apply by May 1st for the best chance to receive incentive payments (SIP) starting in the Fall semester. Applications are accepted up until Fall semester of Junior year.
  • College students: applications are accepted up until Fall semester of Junior year. Due to training requirements, we recommend participating as early as possible.

Step 2 | Complete a Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) Physical & Eye Exam

  • Upon receipt of your SSMP Application, a staff member will contact you with instructions on completing a DoDMERB physical and eye exam.
  • High School students: conduct DoDMERB exams near your Home of Record (HOR).
  • College students: conduct DoDMERB exams near MMA.
  • Staff have no say in medical decisions. DoDMERB conducts thorough review of all medical conditions. Waivers are available in many cases and intended service (Ex: Special forces vs. public relations) does come into play.

Step 3 | Attend New Student Orientation (NSO)

  • All SSMP students are expected to attend NSO. NSO is a 3 day indoctrination program hosted by the NROTC unit.
  • High School students: expect to complete NSO during the start of Fall semesterCollege students: while you may join SSMP mid-Freshman or Sophomore year, you are still required to complete NSO upon the start of the upcoming Fall semester.

Step 4 | Participate with the Unit

  • While DoDMERB results are pending (or for College students, if you’re scheduling appointments) your participation in the unit is expected. SSMP and NROTC preform as one unit. Together we PT 2-3 times per week, raise colors morning and evening, and attend Naval Leadership Lab once per week.

Step 5 | Swear Oath

  • Once medically qualified by DoDMERB and in “Good Standing” with the NROTC unit (within Physical and Academic standards), you will swear the Oath to the Constitution. Completion of the Oath makes your status as a Midshipman official.

Step 6 | Apply for SIP

  • Now that you’re DoDMERB qualified and an official Navy Midshipman (congrats!) you can apply for the Student Incentive Program (SIP). For more info, see the SIP section on the Strategic Sealift Midshipman Program page.