Battalion Leadership

The NROTC Unit is run by midshipmen. The Unit consists of two platoons. 1st Platoon is composed entirely of Navy & Marine option midshipmen while 2nd Platoon is composed entirely of Strategic Sealift Midshipmen Program midshipmen. Each platoon is composed of squads. Midshipmen are given opportunities to lead at all levels of the NROTC Unit.

All midshipmen must have access to the NROTC Canvas site. NROTC Unit announcements will be posted on this site.

Project GO (Global Officer)

Project GO is a Department of Defense initiative aimed at improving language skills, regional expertise, and the intercultural communication skills of future military officers. Project GO offers funding to ROTC students for domestic and study abroad language programs during the summer.

Midshipman Requirements

The Navy and Marine Corps have different requirements for midshipmen to complete prior to commissioning. NROTC curriculum is designed to monitor and assist midshipmen in completing these requirements.