For rising high school seniors and current college students, there are two ways to join the unit. One is through receipt of the National Scholarship that is placed at MMA. The second way is through the College Program. The College Program allows you to participate in the unit to compete for a scholarship and commission. Contact the unit for more info.

Location! MMA is located on the historic Penobscot Bay. The campus waterfront allows all students regardless of major access to this historic body of water. With a fleet of over 60 vessels, MMA’s waterfront provides a high quality experiential learning environment.

Schools in our cross-town include the University of Maine, Orono and Husson University. For more information, contact the unit.

Classes and PT sessions are held right here on campus. Occasionally we hold training at other military facilities in the greater Bangor area.

The program is designed to be a four year professional development program. Students can join their second year of college, but the required classes are not waived. SSMP students can join as late as fall semester, junior year, and still remain eligible for the Student Incentive Program (SIP).

The scholarship pays for tuition and fees while MMA covers room and board up to a specific amount.

Scholarship activation occurs after arrival if the candidate is physically (must pass the physical fitness test) and medically qualified (must have ‘Qualified’ DODMERB letter). Incoming scholarship students will need to complete their medical process after receipt of the scholarship. Provided they are found ‘Qualified’ they will meet the medical requirement. To meet the physical qualification, Navy students must pass the PRT at NSO with a score of ‘Good Low’ for their age group. Marine Option students must meet the standards for a ‘Second Class’ PFT by their first year and ‘First Class’ standards by their second year.

The unit is not involved with the medical process, please contact your DODMERB technician for questions on your qualified status.

Yes. Please see Program Completion Requirements for more info.

Students who have taken calculus or calculus-based physics for college credit prior to entering the NROTC Program, which their college has validated, must complete one additional three semester-hour (or equivalent) college course in each of those areas to satisfy this requirement, unless these courses were taken at an NROTC affiliated school. This course shall be the second (or higher) in the sequence. Courses covered by this exception may include courses taken at other universities while in high school, AP examination credit, or university placement credit.

  • Physical Training 2-3 times per week
  • Leadership lab 1 time per week
  • Naval Science course depending on semester

First Year students should plan to attend New Student Orientation (NSO) at the start of school (usually late August or early September) and scholarship students will need to attend New Student Indoctrination (NSI) for three weeks before school starts. For more information on NSI please contact NSTC.

Marine Option students will occasionally break off from the unit to do different Physical Training and field experience. Marine Option Midshipmen are not required to take the same classes as the Navy Option Midshipmen and there is no ‘Tier’ major requirement.

The commitment after commissioning is different depending on your service assignment. For Marines, the commitment is 4 years. The commitment for the Navy ranges from 5-8 years depending on the community you are selected for.

The Advanced Standing commitment is no different than the scholarship commitment.

SSMP will require an 8 year commitment consisting of 2 weeks of duty annually.

Midshipmen will immediately commission into the Unrestricted Line Officer Community following graduation. Available jobs for the Navy include Surface Warfare Officer, Naval Special Warfare Officer, Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal Officer (EOD), Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer, Nuclear Submarine Officer, and Naval Aviator (Pilot or Flight Officer).

SSMP midshipmen commission into the Restricted Line Officer Community and operate as Strategic Sealift Officers. A plethora of opportunities exist to go on active duty orders for a wide variety of durations. The minimum obligation is 2 weeks or service per year. Outside of this, SSO’s largely work in the maritime industry as civilians – both at sea and ashore.

All Marines will attend TBS (The Basic School) after commissioning to compete for an MOS.

Navy and Marine Scholarship students will attend summer training during their summers while in the program.

No. The program is for undergraduate students only.

Reservists must be released from their present enlistment contract and enlist under the provisions of the NROTC Program to facilitate Scholarship. College Program Advanced Standing, or SSMP enrollment. They may be enrolled as Naval Science students pending release from their reserve obligation, provided they are fully qualified and have been accepted to the institution they are authorized to attend. The NROTC unit shall obtain a Request for Conditional Release DD Form 368 prior to allowing the student to sign an Enlistment/Reenlistment Agreement DD Form 4/1.

(Navy Students Only) Examples of Tier 1, 2, and 3 majors are listed on the website below. If you are assigned a specific Tier for your scholarship you will need to start the program in a major that aligns with your specific Tier.

Balancing a sports team and NROTC is possible but takes quite a bit of time management.

Scholarship selection and placement is conducted by NSTC, not the unit. Our recommendation is to apply to all 5 schools that you designate on your application (as is indicated on the application). If you do not get accepted to the school in our consortium that you got received your scholarship for please contact us and we can discuss the situation.

If students do not earn a scholarship by the end of their sophomore year, they are reviewed for Advanced Standing. If granted, Advanced Standing allows the Midshipman the opportunity to continue on towards commission, as well as a monthly stipend. Upon graduation, the Advanced Standing Midshipmen receive the same commission as the Scholarship Midshipmen.

Yes. Contact the unit at 207-326-2465 to schedule an appointment. Completed NROTC Scholarship applications are required..

Applicants are only eligible for 2 or 3 years scholarship after they have participated in the program for one year as a college program midshipman.

National scholarship students, College Program students, and SSMP students are held to the same academic standards. Overall NROTC students should not get below a D in any courses and never fall below a 2.5 GPA.

Physical fitness standards can be found on the Navy website. Students must meet at least a ‘Good Low’ standard to participate in the program.

Yes, Sailors and Marines must know how to swim. The unit will conduct a swim qualification during the year, so you should arrive knowing how to swim. You must be able to pass the 3rd class swim qualification prior to completion of freshman year. Failure to meet this qualification will result in your removal from the program. Midshipmen with a 3rd class swim qualification must repeat the test each year. If the Midshipman passes the 2nd class swim qualification, they no longer need to be tested for the duration of their time at NROTC.

You will not receive an NROTC scholarship unless you are found physically qualified for the NROTC program. It is imperative that you become physically qualified before commencement of classes. If you are attempting to gain a waiver for some disqualifying physical condition and you start classes at MMA, you will be responsible for payment of tuition, fees and books for that semester. If you are later found physically qualified for a NROTC scholarship during that same semester (i.e. your waiver is granted), your tuition, fees and book expenses can be reimbursed. If you are found not physically qualified for the NROTC program, tuition, fees and book expenses will not be reimbursed. If you are not sure if you are physically qualified or if you need information on how to get a waiver, please contact your DODMERB technician or the recruiter who helped process your application.

No. To be a member of NROTC MMA you must be a student at one of our 3 cross town colleges. Another avenue for selection as an officer is to attend Officer Candidate School following completion of a B.A. or B.S. degree from a 4 year university.

While SSMP students can join as late as fall semester of Junior year, the latest you can join the College Program is at the beginning of your sophomore year. You cannot join as a junior or senior. This is due to the large number of requirements needed to complete the program.

In order to be accepted into NROTC or SSMP at MMA, you must receive clearance from the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMERB). You will be provided with information on how to complete the exam once you initiate the SSMP application process.

NROTC produces active-duty officers in the Navy and Marine Corps and gives academic scholarships to qualified Midshipmen. The SSMP produces Navy Reserve officers in the SSOP and does not provide the opportunity for scholarships, but does have an incentive payment.

SSMP Midshipmen do not qualify for NROTC scholarships. However, the Maritime Administration (MARAD) offers the Student Incentive Program (SIP).

SIP (Student Incentive Program) is an incentive payment totaling to $32,000. It is received incrementally, once per semester, for qualifying SSMP midshipmen. The payment schedule is listed below.

Students who join after Fall semester Freshman year, but prior to Fall semester Junior year, will receive larger payments to award them the full $32,000.

Any participating student who receives no more than $8,000 and ceases participation at the conclusion of Spring semester, Sophomore year, will not be obligated to pay back SIP funds received. After Sophomore year, or after receiving more than $8,000, a student becomes obligated.

  • Freshman Fall – $2,000
  • Freshman Spring – $2,000
  • Sophomore Fall – $2,000
  • Sophomore Spring – $2,000
  • Junior Fall – $6,000
  • Junior Spring $6,000
  • Senior Fall – $6,000
  • Senior Spring $6,000

Upon graduation, students who received the full amount of SIP funds, will be obligated to sail on US Flag vessels for 3 years or apply for a waiver to work in maritime related industries.

While this is a Navy Reserve program, there are limited opportunities to apply for Active Duty. The billet selection process is extremely competitive and there are only a limited number of billets available to MMA graduates. An opportunity to transfer from SSMP to NROTC prior to graduation does exist.

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