Academic Policies

Grading System

The system of evaluating a student’s performance is by letter grade, with grade point values as follows:

Grade Points Grade Points
Grades per 3 credit course Grades per 3 credit course
A 4.0 C+ 2.3
A- 3.7 C 2.0
B+ 3.3 C- 1.7
B 3.0 F 0
B- 2.7

W –– Withdrawal from a course before the third class meeting of the course; the grade “W” does not affect the computation of the cumulative grade point average. There is no assignment of credit hours toward degree requirements. A student who withdraws must file a Withdrawal Notice in writing with the Registrar’s Office. Notification should also be sent to the Graduate Office via email. This notification does not replace the Notice Of Withdrawal to the Registrar. A request for withdrawal from graduate course(s) must be made in writing to the instructor of the course, with a copy to the Chairperson of the Loeb-Sullivan School.

I –– The grade “I” must be resolved within one calendar year. After one year the grade will convert to F. If unusual circumstances arise such as a call up to military service, call back for seagoing merchant marine officers, or long-term personal or family illness, a student may request that the grade of F be converted to a grade of W. Such a grade change requires the approval of the graduate faculty meeting as a committee of the whole. A student may request the grade of F be converted to a letter grade A to C with the approval of the graduate faculty meeting as a committee of the whole. All work must be completed to the satisfaction of the original course instructor. The grade change from F to W or letter grade also requires the approval of the Academic Dean or his/her designated representative.

Grade Point Average Calculation

The total grade points obtained for the grade received in a course is found by multiplying the credit hours of the course by the grade points for the grade received in that course. In determining the grade point average (GPA) for academic standing, all grade points are added and the total divided by the number of credit hours attempted, including those for courses receiving failing grades. For purposes of computing the GPA, transfer credits are not considered.

Transfer Credit

Candidates for the Master of Science degree in Maritime Management may request that up to 6 credit hours of graduate course work be transferred to be applied toward the MM program requirements. If candidates are intending to transfer credits earned prior to matriculation in the Loeb-Sullivan School, they should seek approval of those credits before enrollment from the Registrar. Once enrolled in the Loeb-Sullivan School, candidates should consult and receive the approval of the Chairperson of the Loeb-Sullivan School prior to enrolling in any external graduate course for transferring credits. Maine Maritime Academy reserves the right to determine what constitutes acceptable transfer credits. A grade of “B” or better is required for transfer credit.

Academic Standards

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (a “B” average) on the 4.0 scale must be achieved to qualify for the Master of Science in Maritime Management degree. Students whose average falls below 3.0, who receive a grade of “F”, or who earn two or more grades of “C” will be reviewed by the Graduate Faculty Student Review Committee to determine the conditions under which they may be permitted to continue as degree candidates. In addition, graduate students must earn a course grade of a B minus  (B-) or better in BA660 to successfully complete the graduate program.

The Graduate Faculty Student Review Committee reserves the right to dismiss any student for non-compliance of meeting academic or any other Maine Maritime Academy standards.

Academic Responsibility Policy

It is the student’s responsibility to fulfill all academic requirements to achieve his or her selected academic major. It is the responsibility of the faculty and staff to advise the student and to facilitate the student’s effort, yet the ultimate responsibility to complete all academic requirements remains with the student.

Course Cancellation Policy

The Department of Graduate Studies reserves the right to cancel any graduate course offering that does not meet the minimum enrollment criterion. In all such cases, the Department will provide two weeks’ notice to all students affected by such cancellation.

Course Exemption Policy

– Students who hold a B.S. in International Business & Logistics from Maine Maritime Academy who are enrolled in the M.S. online program may receive an exemption from two graduate courses. If the student earned a minimum average of 3.2 in all “LO” prefix courses as an undergraduate, they will receive an exemption for the following courses:

  • BA511 – Fundamentals of Logistics
  • BA513 – Integrated International Logistics

– International Association of Maritime and Port Executives, IAMPE

The Loeb-Sullivan School grants graduates of the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives’ (IAMPE) Maritime Port Executive (MPE) or Inland Port Executive (IPE) program eligibility for one class exemption when enrolled in the M.S. online program. Students who have successfully completed the MPE or IPE program will be exempt from the following course:

  • BA515 Port & Transport Terminal Operations

Add, Drop and Withdrawal Process

Class Attendance

Maintaining a satisfactory record of class attendance for online courses is a prerequisite to successful academic progress. Individual instructors have the option of setting attendance requirements in relationship to grading for the course which may be provided in the respective syllabus. However, it is the student’s responsibility to achieve the required standards set by the instructor in each class. Excessive absence from class may result in a lower grade for the course. Students are required to attend and actively participate regularly.

Note: Failure to log-in to online courses will NOT result in students being automatically dropped or withdrawn from courses. Students are ultimately responsible for adhering to and following the drop and withdrawal procedures in the MMA Graduate Academic Catalog above.

Courses delivered Online through Canvas software

Maine Maritime Academy uses Canvas software to deliver our online classes. A major difference between an online course and a traditional course is that Canvas students can participate in courses at times that are convenient for them. As with any class, students will read texts, participate in class discussions, submit various kinds of course work and take exams through the MMA online program.

Adding a course(s)

If space is available in the class, students will be permitted to add a course(s) with the approval of their advisor and within the deadline(s) provided on the MMA Academic Calendar. Online courses must be added within the first week of the course in accordance with the MMA Academic Policy. Online students may not take more than two courses per session.

Dropping a course(s)

After proper consultation with their advisor, students may drop a course providing the request is within the deadline. To drop a course a written request must be submitted to the Registrar‘s Office by using the Add/Drop form. Upon receipt of a written request (within the deadline), students will be dropped from the class roster and will not receive a grade for the course. Online courses must be dropped within the first week of class in accordance with the MMA Academic Policy.

Withdrawing from a course(s)

Students are allowed to withdraw from a course after the drop period is expired until the withdrawal deadline. Students withdrawing from a course will receive a ―WI on their transcript and remain liable for full tuition and fees. No computation in grade point averages will be recorded in the student‘s permanent record for courses with a WI designation. The withdrawal period begins in week 2 through week four (4).

Withdrawal Due to Extenuating Circumstances

Students may not withdraw from a class after the withdrawal deadline has passed unless there are very serious circumstances over which the student has no control. Students who feel they have sufficient reason to request withdrawal after the deadline must make an appointment with the Chairperson of Graduate Studies and the Registrar to explain the circumstances and present written documentation for the request. The decision to allow the withdrawal at that point will be made in consultation with the appropriate academic advisor and the instructor. Students will receive a ―WI on their transcript and remain liable for full tuition and fees. No computation in grade point averages will be recorded in the student‘s permanent record for courses with a ―WI.

Students who fail to abide by established procedures will be considered as still enrolled in their course(s) and shall receive a grade based upon the course requirements and remain liable for full tuition and fees.

Graduate Academic Integrity Statement from Syllabus

Students are expected to maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity in all their academic pursuits and are encouraged to review the MMA website regarding our policy. You can find the Student Honor Code of Conduct and Responsibilities here.

Ethical conduct is the obligation of every student in this class and breaches of academic integrity constitute serious offenses. Since a lack of integrity hinders the student’s academic development, it cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. To be clear; all graduate students, must submit their own work in all instances. All work that is not original must be properly cited. Students found to be in violation of this standard will face the Graduate Academic Review Board, and potentially, dismissal from the program.

Course Evaluation Policy

The faculty and management of Loeb-Sullivan School consider student opinions regarding course delivery and content to be extremely important. We review their evaluations closely and use their opinions to drive constant improvement in our programs.

All students must complete the course evaluation form online. Students will not be able to view their grades until they have submitted their evaluation. The form is anonymous. No faculty member will see any course comments until after the final grade is submitted to the Registrar. Responses are compiled and summarized with no student names attached.

Distance Ed Photo ID Process

An MMA photo ID card is required to access many MMA services. Certain tests/exams/ quizzes through the MMA Learning Management System will require the ID card. There is no fee or monetary charge for this card. Loeb-Sullivan School and MMA seek to ensure that the student who registers in a distance education course or program is the same student who participates in and completes the course or program and receives the academic credit. This process is intended to ensure student authenticity and protect student privacy.

To receive your MMA photo ID, please email the following to the Administrative Coordinator:

  • A recent digital photograph of you from the chest up in front of a solid background. Email image as a .JPG file. Do not wear a hat, hood or sunglasses.
  • Your mailing address

The procedure for using the card will be included in the particular course homepage. All students are required to submit a photo three weeks prior to their entering academic year. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the graduate school coordinator.