Instructional and Research Support

The Nutting Memorial Library

Nutting Memorial Library is dedicated to supporting the teaching, learning, and research activities of the Maine Maritime Academy community. We empower patrons to access, evaluate, apply, and create information by maintaining quality collections, a welcoming environment, and a knowledgeable staff.

The library serves the Academy’s students, faculty and staff and local area residents, and is open nearly 90 hours per week when classes are in session. Its three levels offer a variety of work and study environments, including reservable meeting space and a quiet study area on the upper level. Additionally, students can access the library’s computer lab and study lounge 24 hours a day with their MMA ID cards.

The library’s web site serves as a portal to its resources, which include thousands of electronic scholarly and professional journals and newspapers and over 100,000 academic ebooks. Academy users can access the majority of these electronic resources from off campus using their MMA login and password. The library’s physical holdings include more than 79,000 books and approximately 2,000 videos, as well as sound recordings and print periodicals. The library’s collections are particularly strong in the areas of maritime studies, marine technology, international business, and nautical history.

Academy patrons have free access to interlibrary loan services, including the statewide MaineCat catalog of more than 2.5 million books. Delivery of books via ILL generally takes 5-10 days; articles requested via ILL are typically available within 3-5 business days.

Many required and recommended course materials are available on Course Reserve at the library’s front desk. Students can present their MMA ID card in order to use Reserve materials, which are available for in-library use. The library serves as a selective U.S. government documents depository, emphasizing maritime, engineering, oceanographic, and business publications. Links to online government information are found on the library’s web site. As a depository for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and the National Ocean Survey, the library houses more than 5,300 maps and charts of the world and of the territorial waters of the U.S.

Computers can be found on all levels of the library, and printing, scanning, and faxing services are available on the main level. Also located on the main level is the library’s One Button Studio, which offers simple, high-quality video recording.

The library frequently offers special events and educational programs, and we welcome suggestions from our users regarding possible additions to our resources and services.

For more information, please visit our website or contact

Laptop Requirements and FAQ

All Maine Maritime Academy students are required to have a laptop computer.

MMA Laptop Purchasing Program

MMA has an optional laptop purchasing program through Winslow Technology Group.

This year’s laptop packages are:

Power Laptop ($2,347)
Dell Latitude 7450
Core Ultra 7 165U Processor
4 Year ProSupport Plus
4 Year Accidental Coverage

Standard Laptop ($1,625)
Dell Latitude 5550
Core Ultra 5 125U Processor
4 Year ProSupport Plus
4 Year Accidental Coverage

Base Laptop ($999)
Dell Latitude 3550
I5-1345U Processor
4 Year ProSupport Plus
4 Year Accidental Coverage

This laptop package does not come with MMA’s Office/Project/Visio bundle pre-installed, but this software is provided to students as part of their tuition and fees. Students will be informed at Orientation as to how they can install Microsoft office.

For any other questions about the MMA Laptop Program please contact Winslow Technology Group at 781-471-5021 or

Laptop guidelines and requirements:

Utilizing our purchasing partner is optional, and a computer may be purchased from anywhere. We partnered with Winslow Technology Group because they offer a great discount, and great service, to students and their families. That said, participation in the program is purely optional. If purchasing from another source or bringing a computer you already own, here are the minimum specifications your laptop should meet:


  • Windows 10 or 11
  • MacOS 10.13 or higher (must be able to run Microsoft Remote Desktop from App Store)
  • NOT Chrome OS


  • At least a 256 Gigabyte (GB) hard drive.
  • Consider a Solid State Drive. Way faster, much more durable


  • A minimum of 8 Gigabyte (GB) of RAM.


  • Some type of removable storage media is strongly recommended.  These drives are available at virtually every computer box store as well as office supply store and are used for saving and transferring data from school computers to the student’s laptop and back.  These drives cost between $15 and $90, depending on the amount of storage purchased.


  • Consider the cost of consumables (ink cartridges, toner) and ease-of-use when choosing a printer. Wireless printers are compatible, but using a USB cable eliminates having to search a giant list of printers when trying to print (and is more secure). Limited printing is available in the Library, Curtis Hall, ABS, and Dismukes.


  • We strongly recommend the purchase of warranty service (up to five years if available) that includes accidental damage from the laptop manufacturer.


My financial aid paperwork said that I have an expense for a computer. Does this mean one will be waiting for me when I arrive at MMA? 

No, students are required to purchase their own equipment before arriving at the Academy. Per the Financial Aid office, the notice is only there to advise you on the potential total cost of your education. 

Do I really need to buy a warranty with my computer?

While they can be expensive initially, a warranty can save you from incurring costs from damaged equipment should the worst happen.  Dropping a computer can sometimes cause hundreds of dollars in damage, far more than the cost of the warranty. 

Do I need an Antivirus?  If so, which one should I get?

You will need an antivirus in order to use Maine Maritime Academy’s networks.  Which antivirus should you choose?  Windows Defender comes with Windows 10 at no extra cost and works just fine.

Remember that most paid antivirus programs work on a yearly subscription platform, so if you buy it this year you’ll have to buy it again next year and the year after that.

Also remember that the antivirus that came on your computer might be a 30 or 60 day trial, so check that out before coming to school.  If it is a trial, you’ll need to decide if you want to buy it and keep using it or replace it with something else.

I’m an incoming Freshman and my computer is acting weird, can you fix it for me?

Once the school year begins, all student may bring their computers to the Help Desk, located in the basement of Leavitt Hall for service.

[Some application] is acting weird/not doing what it’s supposed to, can you fix it?

We can try.  Maine Maritime Academy employs a number of student workers to assist students with software issues, including reinstalling Windows. 

My computer was damaged and needs new parts, what do I do?

Maine Maritime Academy is a Dell Certified Depot Center and is authorized to service Dell Latitude series computer hardware (provided they have a valid Dell depot warranty or better).  The student will need to bring the damaged computer to the IT Shop in the basement of Leavitt Hall for diagnosis and repair.

MMA’s technical services for other student computers is limited to student technicians who are trained to troubleshoot basic hardware problems and assist students in setting up service calls for hardware repair. Some vendors require that laptops be shipped back to the factory, while others require that laptops be taken to the nearest authorized service center.

Choose your vendor and service level carefully for the best experience in case of trouble. 

Many vendors offer on-site service for their products – here is how it works.

  1. Student calls vendor with a description of their problem, if required – vendor arranges for on-site service.  Vendor ships needed parts to their contracted service personnel.
  2. Contracted service personnel receive parts and contact the student to make arrangements to service computer at MMA.

If your warranty is expired, you may work with the student technicians regarding where to purchase replacement parts and when they (the student technicians) can install them for you.

I want to back my data up somewhere, what should I do?

Protecting your data is important. Students at MMA have access to Microsoft OneDrive and are given 1TB of online storage.