Reporting Transparency Initiative

Maine Maritime Academy reports statistics of sexual assault in our annual Clery Report. However, these reports are limited by federal regulation to specific geographical locations on campus.

Since Maine Maritime Academy’s Honor Code and policies cover incidents beyond these geographical boundaries, we share this information in our annual reporting in addition to the Clery Report.

Below you will find information regarding reports from the 2021 calendar year. Federal FERPA regulations and confidentiality practices prevent the academy from disclosing further details about these incidents, but questions about MMA policies and procedures may be directed to the academy’s Title X coordinator.

  • In 2021, 3 alleged incidents of sexual assault were reported to MMA.
  • 2 incidents occurred on campus; 1 incident occurred off-campus.
  • Supportive measures were offered by MMA in all three instances.
  • Of the three reported incidents, 0 formal complaints were filed through MMA; 1 complaint was filed with local authorities.

According to Title IX requirements, formal complaints are made in writing to the Title IX Coordinator.  A Formal Complaint should contain as much detail as possible. It must disclose the identity of the person(s) alleged to have engaged in the sexual harassment, and the location(s), date(s), identification of potential witnesses and description of the alleged conduct. The Academy will then investigate, and if appropriate, take steps to resolve the complaint.