1/19/22 | Follow up details on Dr. Brennan’s COVID-19 protocols update

Dear Mariners,

As a follow-up to President Brennan’s email earlier today, I would like to share the following details with you regarding MMA’s surveillance testing program this semester.

Surveillance testing

  • Due to the rise in case numbers in our area, and the medical evidence that being optimally boosted can help prevent both transmission and serious symptoms, MMA has begun random surveillance testing of students who are not optimally boosted as defined by the CDC*.
  • The surveillance testing program is randomized. This means that not all persons in the pool will be tested each week. For those participating in the program, we anticipate that you will be tested 2-3 times in the spring semester. The randomized sampling will decrease (fewer individuals will be tested) if case rates decline as is predicted.
  • The cost of tests procured by the Academy is $14 per test. You will only be charged for this for the times you are selected for testing for February through April. If we can procure more tests at a lower cost in the coming months, the cost will decrease. The Academy does not anticipate being reimbursed by the state or federal government for the cost of testing this year, thus, the cost is being borne by all tuition paying students.
  • Students may utilize free at-home tests or those they purchase on their own if such tests have received FDA emergency use approval for testing.  However, the kit must be brought – unopened – to Health Services and completed under the supervision of Health Services personnel.

Get boosted: off-campus options

  • If you are not optimally vaccinated, are eligible for a booster, and would like to schedule an off-campus booster appointment, please select a site and register here: https://www.maine.gov/covid19/vaccines/vaccination-sites.
  • Note: If you wish to schedule an appointment in Bucksport and require transportation, please contact me directly.

Get boosted: on-campus options

  • MMA will host a booster clinic in March; details are being finalized now and will be shared in the coming days. Additional clinics will be scheduled as needed and response to demand.
  • If you would prefer to participate in a clinic in February, please contact me directly.

As always, I welcome your questions regarding MMA’s health and safety protocols. Please be in touch as needed and thank you for doing your part to meet the challenge posed by COVID-19.

Dr. Elizabeth True
Vice President for Student Affairs

*As defined by the CDC, ‘optimally boosted’ means: you received the J & J vaccine within the last two months; you received the Pfizer or Moderna 2nd dose within the last five months; or you have received a booster shot.