9/28/2020 | Message from Professor Coté

Go Mariners!!! – Stay Focused and Keep Up the Good Work!

Good afternoon, MMA Community,

As I walk around campus and speak with students, staff, and faculty, I am amazed by the effort that everyone is putting into making this term a success.  We have begun our fifth week and already we have accomplished so much:

  • We do not have any positive cases of COVID-19 nor anyone in quarantine or isolation. Our program of initial screening tests worked as we had hoped and focused surveillance testing going forward should allow us to catch any re-introduction of the virus to the campus early in the process and prevent its spread.  The Maine CDC notified us Saturday that we are no longer considered an outbreak location.
  • We conducted Ship Jump for the class of 2024.  Thanks to the efforts of dozens of people on campus, this traditional event happened safely and, through the livestream, was shared with families and the community in new ways.
  • We completed our second Virtual Open House on Saturday.  Thank you to Kelly Gualtieri and her Admissions staff, as well as everyone who helped with this event, as we connected with over 100 prospective students.
  • The community is demonstrating shared values and goals by consistently  complying with the “12 Ways to 12 Weeks” practices.  In several cases, where someone has not complied, their fellow Mariners have been asking them to follow the rules in a respectful way that results in better adherence to the policy for everyone. Please keep supporting each other and holding each other accountable. If you see someone doing well, please let them know that you appreciate their help, as we all work together.
  • Finally, as the Academic Dean, I want to remind all students that if you are having issues with any of your classes, please see your instructor and/or contact the Buoy House to get help now.  The pace of this term makes it even more important to stay on track and get help as soon as possible.

There were doubts that we could make it this far, but with your help and continued attention to detail, we can make this semester happen and plan for continued success going into 2021.  Stay diligent and focused on the end goals, and together, we can get to Thanksgiving and demonstrate that we can operate in a safe way during this pandemic.

Thank you for all that you’re doing to keep yourselves and our community safe.

Prof. Mark Cote

CAPT Mark Coté, USN(Ret) PE
Acting Provost/Academic Dean