8/13/21 | Message from President Brennan

Dear Colleagues,

COVID-19 vaccines remain our most powerful tool in fighting the virus in our community. Keeping infection rates under control at MMA is our only chance at having the kind of semester we’re all hoping for: one where we can be together, honor beloved traditions in person, take advantage of MMA’s unique hands-on learning opportunities, and enjoy a bright and vibrant campus community.

Unfortunately, the emergence of the Delta variant – and the possibility of further mutations – have complicated our trajectory.

Therefore, the decision has been made for Maine Maritime Academy to require vaccination for students beginning October 1, 2021. This means that students must complete the vaccination process by that date.

While we are not requiring employees to be vaccinated at this time as we evaluate our contractual obligations, it is my hope that all employees will recognize the societal imperative and avail themselves of vaccination without an employer or government mandate.

For more information about what this decision means for the upcoming semester, please visit the Fall 2021 section of our website. Please also review the FAQ included on this page.

We will only succeed this fall if we come together with the common goal of protecting our community. I count on your help and I look forward to seeing you soon.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay well.


President Brennan​