12/29/21 | Message from President Brennan

Dear MMA employees,

As we prepare to enter a new year, I am in awe of what we leave behind. The past twelve months have been trying in every sense of the word, but I believe that there is also much to celebrate and both sentiments are deserving of our attention and reflection.

We have learned a great deal in 2021 and we will carry these lessons into 2022. Particularly, I am thinking about what we now know about COVID-19. Our best tools against the spread of disease are vaccinations, masking, and social distancing.

  • Following CDC guidelines, MMA strongly encourages that all eligible individuals receive a booster shot. If you have received your booster, please let HR know that there has been a change in your vaccination status. We will offer a booster clinic on campus In January, but the date has not yet been established with our partners at Northern Light.
  • All students will undergo entry testing when they arrive on campus, but we are also asking them to take a rapid antigen test just before leaving home. I ask that you do the same.
  • Due to shortages in the supply chain, we have prioritized entry testing to focus on the students, especially those who have traveled and those who are living in congregate housing.  When we have a larger supply of tests, anticipated in early January, we will expand weekly surveillance testing to students and employees who are not boosted as well as continue to test unvaccinated employees and students who have received medical exemptions from the vaccination requirement.
  • In response to updated mask guidance from the CDC, surgical/medical masks are recommended, and gaiters and face shields will no longer be allowed. Our current indoor masking policy will remain in effect next semester.

As always, the pandemic poses a significant threat to our operations and the virus requires a relentless dual approach to planning: we must always be assessing the ‘now’ while planning for ‘what may be’ in the future.

Please know that we are working on contingency plans for a variety of scenarios. Our goal is to remain nimble. We must be prepared to adapt as needed. We must never lose sight of our ultimate mission: to ensure our students’ ability to safely complete their education at Maine Maritime Academy.

Additional information about Spring 2022 can be found on our website and we will be sharing additional details as they become available. I ask that you pay close attention to the information and do everything in your power to protect our community. The seriousness with which we each take this challenge will be the ultimate measure of our success.

Thank you,


Dr. William J. Brennan
Maine Maritime Academy
Castine, Maine 04420