Brian Olivari

Department: Arts and Sciences

· Assistant Professor

· Arts & Sciences / Engineering

Phone: 207-326-2786
Office: Office 5 Windlass
Office Hours: M & W (9 - 10 AM) & BY APPT (Any day.)
[Office hours are also available by appointment. Please make your request in-person or via email - Thank you, Prof. Olivari]


  • Professor Olivari earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University in 1980.
  • As an undergraduate student at Syracuse, he worked in the Speech Research Lab (in the Electrical Engineering Department), developing aids for the Deaf.
  • Upon graduation, he worked towards a Masters Degree, in Electrical Engineering, at Northeastern University while working in the Special Design and Development department at AT&T Western Electric.
  • He then transferred to AT&T Bell Labs, where he worked in R&D, developing a computer-controlled digital transmission system for the telephone network (The first of its kind.). 
  • He went on to work for Rochester Telephone, Rochester, New York, and worked as a Systems Engineer converting Analog to Digital Switching Systems, in the Telephone Network, and managed the operations of the Network Control Center, there.
  • He then taught a few electrical engineering labs and tutored electrical engineering students in upper-lever courses such as Control Systems, at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), before moving to Castine with his family in 1995.
  • Professor Olivari has been teaching at Maine Maritime Academy, since 2006. Over this period of time, he has been teaching classes in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.

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