Three Priorities Arriving in a Port

Posted on: July 15, 2017

When the crew arrives at a new port there are 3 important things that they seek out immediately.

  1. A shower. Bowdoin only has a bucket shower, so a hot one really does the trick after a few days without.
  2. Ice-cream.  On a hot July day icecream seems to be the solution to all of life’s problems.
  3. Laundry.  Clean clothes always make the crew smile

These 3 important comforts were met quickly and easily here in Saguenay. Deck tours began at 1300 and the ship was packed with interested people for the entire 5 hours the ship was open. With 5 amazing ships in Saguenay (Bluenose II, Europa, Ooterschelde, Rara-avis, and of course Bowdoin) the public had a great show of ships.

Bowdoin is normaly the oldest ship in port being built in 1921, but this time she was beat by several years by the Ootershelde build 1918, and Europa built 1911. The Bluenose II gets a nod with her original vessel the Bluenose built in 1921 as well.

Saguenay deck tours

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