2021 Training Cruise B-2

Day 14: Busy on Board

Posted on: May 3, 2021

3/C Students practicing T-Nav on the 04 Forward

We have been super happy about the warm weather, taking advantage of our ability to move about the decks and playing outside games such as cornhole. That said, training continues to be our priority and we are working on many projects around the ship including washdowns of the decks, cleaning of the passageways, and cleaning oil-water separators, and cleaning sea strainers. Tomorrow night we’ll celebrate all our hard work with a BBQ on the fantail – thanks, Sodexo!

Alpha company completing a washdown on the bow

Engineers on watch completing an oiler round

In the morning, we will be passing by the final resting place of the El Faro. We will hold a short memorial service aboard TSSOM while we are there.

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