Services to Know

There are a number of services to help you on campus. Below is a short description of each of these services and information on how to use them.

Maine Maritime Academy MobileConnect with Maine Maritime Academy on-the-go with the official college MOBILE APP developed to provide alumni, students, faculty, staff, and visitors all of the MMA resources they need in one compact and easy-to-use tool. For more information visit
Mariner MoneyMariner Money allows you to make purchases in the dining hall, Waypoint, college bookstore, and to pay for printing. Value can be loaded onto your card at, on our mobile app, and by credit card/cash/check at the dining hall through the line.
Campus PrintingCampus Printing allows students to log into, upload files, and choose to print to specific printers on the network using a web interface. The price per page is 4 - 8 cents and students start each semester with a $15 credit. Access campus printing at To load money for printing onto your MMA ID, go to or our mobile app.
Campus ParkingStudents have the ability to purchase parking permits and manage citations. Campus parking can be accessed at Note: First year students can not purchase parking permits.
CanvasCanvas is MMA's Learning Management System (LMS). It is an incredibly easy way for you to access your course documents, media, and grades online. You can even take tests, submit homework assignments, check assignment deadlines, and have online discussions, all through Canvas. Canvas can be accessed at, on our mobile app, or through the native Canvas app.
Service DeskMMA Service Desk Web Portal allows you to create and monitor trouble tickets and work requests for the Information Technology, Public Works, and Registrar offices. It also offers you the ability to read through documents in our User Knowledge Base, and contains software available for you to download and install. Navigate to and log-in with your MMA account credentials.
MyMMA & Self-ServiceMyMMA and Self-Service are your gateway to internal information and your academic career. This is where you will want to go to check for cancellations, daily news, register for classes, and view your class lists and grades. You can get there by going to or from the quick links on
MMA EmailOutlook is our official email client. Outlook is included as part of MS Office and is available for all active MMA staff, faculty and students. Additional MMA Email information is available at MMA Email.
Housing GatewaySign in to the Housing Gateway to submit an application for housing, pre-register visitors to your residence hall, complete your room inventory condition inspection, submit a person of concern to the Academy, or review any student conduct cases you are involved in. The housing gateway can be accessed at
CashnetCashnet allows students to make payments on their MMA academic account. It also allows students to give their parents or other friends or relatives access to Cashnet to make payments on their behalf. To get to Cashnet, go to --> Self-Service Home --> Finances tab --> Make a payment.
Bradford / FortinacNetwork access is controlled by a system called Bradford. When connecting to our network, Bradford requires new devices to be authenticated and ensures Windows based computers are up to date on critical patches and antivirus, keeping our network clean and fast.

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MS Office 365Need Microsoft Office? To access MS Office 365 go to and login with your Maine Maritime Academy credentials (account).
Shared AccessShared Access allows students to give others (parents, guardians...) shared access to their portal account. The student can choose to share it all, or just parts, such as the account balance or grade report. To set up this feature go to --> Self-Service Home --> My Profile.
MMA AlertsAlerts and warnings! There are several places to get campus alert and emergency notifications including the external website, MyMMA, the mobile app, and through E2Campus alerts. To sign-up for E2Campus text or email alerts visit
Spectrum Cable TV

Streaming Cable TV service is provide through SpectrumU. No login is required and is available anywhere on the campus network.

How to access:
The following devices and OS version numbers are currently supported:
  • All major Android™ smartphones and tablets running Android™ 5 or above
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS® 11 or above
  • Kindle Fire Phone, all Kindle Fire models except for the first-generation model
  • Mac: Safari 7 or newer, Firefox 45 or newer or Chrome 43 or newer
  • PC: IE 11, Chrome 43 or newer, Firefox 45 or newer or MS Edge 12 or newer
  • Roku: All second-generation players and TVs

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

MMA utilizes cybersecurity training and testing services from KnowBe4. This allows us to keep our community trained and on their toes when using email. Be alert and expect email and notifications from this service.

Download Awareness Posters - Social Engineering Red Flags and Don't Get Hooked
Privilege Access Manager (PAM) for Faculty and StaffOur Faculty and Staff computers are strictly controlled by our IT Department. Our Privilege Access Manager allows us to provide the type of access you need without exposing your device to security risks. Need a program installed, special update or access to a spot on your computer? Submit a ticket to the help desk and we will accommodate the request.
Mailgate Spam Filter and Secure Email

Get control of your spam by accessing our spam filter Here you may block and allow senders. Do you also need to send sensitive information that includes Personal Identifiable Information? Mailgate also allows sending of Secure Email. Please submit a help desk ticket to set up your Secure Email access.

A user guides may be found at Secure Email How To and Axway MailGate Users Guide.

Learn more about our spam appliance at
Understanding SPAM

Seafile is MMA’s version of Dropbox. It allows you to upload and make files available for download via web links. You can also synchronize files on your computer to this service. The service is found at

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