IT Department FAQ

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about how technology works on campus. Or maybe you’re not even sure which questions to ask. That’s OK! Hopefully, we’ll have an answer for you here.

The IT Helpdesk is fully staffed and ready to help you with your IT needs! We’re in the basement of Leavitt Hall, just a short walk from the Curtis Dorm and can be reached through our Helpdesk ticketing system or by phone

We do! Any laptop purchased through the Laptop Purchasing Program includes a 4 year on-site warranty with accidental damage coverage. The IT Staff are able to order parts from Dell through your warranty and can install them for you. Turnaround time is usually 2 days, but it can take longer depending on availability or other factors.

If you have a machine that was not purchased through the Purchasing Program, we may still be able to help. If your machine is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, we can help you get in contact with the company and schedule a repair. If not, and with your permission, we can perform repairs if you provide the parts.

You can go to and sign in using your MMA credentials. Once you do, you’ll see “Having Issues? Report it!”. Click on that link and the website will walk you through the process.
The basement of Leavitt Hall is a safe space for anyone who wants to relax. If you’re in the regiment, uniform rules are relaxed so no sirs or madams required.
Yes! We’re always looking for folks who love technology to join our team. We hire students in the IT Helpdesk and the Ship Simulator. If you’re interested, you can stop by the IT Helpdesk and ask for an application.

Almost all technology will work with the systems here at MMA. There are some notable exceptions though. Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa) devices won’t work on the MMA network. Apple TV devices will work, but only if you connect them using an ethernet cable (which you can bring with you or buy at the MMA bookstore).

MMA does offer a Laptop Purchasing Program through our partner Connection. This agreement allows you to buy a computer through Connection that is guaranteed to meet your computer needs at MMA. They also include a four-year on-site warranty including accidental damage.

You can absolutely bring another laptop with you, we don’t require that you buy a laptop through the program.

This is true, kind of. We can do some basic troubleshooting on a case-by-case basis. But keep in mind, none of the IT Staff are Apple certified, nor are we experts on their software.

You are more than able to bring a Mac to campus and for many people it will serve them well through their time at the Academy. However, there may be some software that will only run on Windows that is unavailable on MacOS that you’ll need for some classes.

In almost all cases, yes! You can use either BootCamp (a free dual-booting solution from Apple) or 3rd party virtualization software like Parallels or VirtualBox.

These solutions all require a legally purchased copy of Microsoft Windows 10.

MMA has over a dozen printers on campus that students can print to using an online service. Every student is given $15 dollars of printing funds each semester, which can be refilled online if you use them up.

MMA’s network supports adding your own wireless printers, but you can also connect it using a USB cable if you prefer.

MMA provides a license to Office 365 included with your tuition. You’ll have access to both the online version of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote as well as the desktop versions of those programs.
As a student, you are absolutely able to use the entire suite of Google software through your time here at MMA. However, please keep in mind that your professors will all be using Office 365. You may have difficulty sharing documents with professors or with students who don’t have Google accounts
You can get to your MMA email by going to and using your MMA credentials. It’s available on any machine through your web browser of choice.
No. MMA doesn’t allow filesharing services like BitTorrent or DC++ using our network.
If you’re using, try logging in without it. If you’re still having issues give the Helpdesk a call or submit a ticket at