Multifactor Authentication

What is MFA – Multifactor Authentication?

MFA is the practice of providing two or more pieces of information in order to access a system or prove your identity. The most common methods are providing a unique password along with a one time code that is texted, emailed or generated through a special authentication app installed on a smart device. The idea being you are the only one who has access to the device that receives this code.

What are the different methods for MFA?

There are several ways to provide this second factor of authentication. It can come in biometrics (finger prints), a physical key fob like a yubikey, a phone call or a one-time pass code that lasts for a few moments. We are going to focus on a one-time passcodes. These codes can be sent via email, text

What will I need to get started?

You will need access to a smart phone, a cell number or a regular phone line that allows you to confirm “it’s you”.

How will this affect my day?

You will be asked to confirm and sign back in every 60 days for Office 365 applications such as Teams and OneDrive. MMA email and other MMA services  do not currently require MFA.

Can I set this up on my own?

Yes. The instructions below will guide you through the process.

View Sway Instructional Page

What if I change phone numbers, lose my phone or lose my MFA device?

Call the Help Desk at 207-326-2240 and we can update phone number and reset your MFA settings. You will be asked to re-register for MFA.