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Prepare to Lead

Prepare to LeadThe Regiment of Midshipmen is Maine Maritime's leadership and management laboratory. In this organization, students learn, apply and practice leadership and management theory. Learning is accomplished through formal instruction, personal observation and practical application.

Participation in the Regiment is required for the following majors: (see NOTE)

  • Marine Engineering Operations
  • Marine Engineering Technology
  • Marine Systems Engineering - License Track
  • Marine Systems Engineering - Non-license Track*
  • Marine Transportation Operations

Participation in the Regiment is optional for the following majors::

  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • International Business and Logistics
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Science
  • Marine Systems Engineering - Non-license Track**
  • Power Engineering Operations
  • Power Engineering Technology
  • Small Craft Design
  • Small Craft Systems
  • Small Vessel Operations
  • Vessel Operations & Technology

* - First year required.
** - Participation in succeeding years is optional.

Much of the formal instruction is done during Regimental Preparatory Training and in Personal Development Class.

Regimental Preparatory Training (RPT)

  • Regimental Preparatory Training is an intensive training period during which new students are readied for life and duty in the Regiment of Midshipmen.
  • During this period students are taught rowing, watch standing, problem solving and regimental organization.
  • The majority of the training is done by midshipmen in the three upper classes, who themselves undergo an intensive training program in preparation for their demanding duties.

Personal Development (PD) Program

  • Personal Development is open to all students, but required for the regimental student.
  • In the Fourth Class(4/C, freshman) year, the focus of the class is to help the student make the transition from home and high school to regimental life and college.
  • Third Class(3/C, sophomore) are introduced to leadership and management theory.
  • Second Class(2/C, junior) are prepared for their upcoming duties of running the regiment.
  • First Class (1/C, senior) focus on the transition to industry and the beginning of their working careers.

The Regiment is an organization in which a student starts at an entry level position and gradually moves up in the chain of command until he/she is in charge.

  • Fourth Class have cleaning duties and stand basic watches.
  • Third Class are assigned as the immediate supervisors of the Fourth Class and are assigned maintenance areas of responsibility.
  • Second Class stand more responsible watches and are accountable for the performance of the assigned underclass watch standers. Also conduct a large part of the Fourth Class training.
  • First Class run the regiment, stand the key watches and experience first hand the demands and responsibilities, and pressures of being in charge.

Informally, the midshipman is constantly observing and experiencing the leadership and management styles of peers, upperclassmen and staff officers. During this process, the student is assimilating those techniques and styles that best fit his/her personality and needs.

The training ship State of Maine is the focal point of the Regiment and its primary training aide. All midshipmen, regardless of program, participate in the training ship familiarization program and assigned areas of responsibility. By learning and maintaining this 500 foot diesel powered vessel, you learn how to operate and manage a technically complex system.

Consequently, the Regiment is a program that increases accountability and responsibility, as well as privileges, as the student moves up the leadership ladder. It provides each student the opportunity to practice and experience some degree of hands-on management. For those students who want to develop their skills beyond the standard training program, challenging and demanding top leadership positions are in place to test and tax their managerial abilities.

Non-Traditional Student Status, for non-traditional, veteran and transfers from other academies. To clarify your status, contact the Office of the Commandant at the toll free number below.

For further information regarding the Regiment, please review the Regimental Manual.

NOTE: Participation in the Regiment of Midshipmen is a federal requirement for students majoring in Marine Engineering Operations, Marine Engineering Technology, Marine Systems Engineering- License Track, Marine Systems Engineering-Non-license Track (first year), and Marine Transportation Operations and are seeking an unlimited license in the U.S. Merchant Marine. We are not a military academy and there is NO military obligation after graduation if you are in the Regiment.












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