2020 TS Kennedy Summer Training Cruise

June 21: Preparation and Planning

Posted on: June 21, 2020

The past two days have been hectic as we’re familiarizing ourselves with a new vessel, loading stores, and preparing for the USCG inspection that we must undergo to receive our Certificate of Inspection.

Today a group of us, with the help of Captain Tarrant and Massachusetts Maritimes’ permanent 2nd mate, learned how to use an azimuth ring. It was interesting and we all appreciated learning how to use a new piece of equipment!

We are extremely pleased with this ship and this cruise. We all have our own staterooms and have ample room to work and complete our projects. Despite missing the TSSOM immensely, we are all very much looking forward to getting underway.

Before we depart, every aboard the ship will be double tested for COVID-19. Then, the current plan is to leave Mobile and do anchor tests and drills off the coast of Tampa, Florida. We will then spend the next 15 days at sea, standing watch, doing maintenance, and crushing Celestial Navigation before we arrive in New York Harbor to bunker. After that we will either go through the canal to Buzzards bay or we will round Cape Cod. Our preliminary plan is to arrive at Massachusetts Maritime’s pier on July 20. Upon arrival, we will spend three days preparing the ship to be turned over to Massachusetts Maritime. Then, we will disembark the T/S Kennedy, with some of us being official graduates, some of us being official 1/C, and some of us having all of our celestial navigation done for Cadet shipping.

We are so grateful the opportunity that has been provided to us. Just this evening a group of us were discussing how happy we are to be here and how grateful we feel for this opportunity and the pride we have in Maine Maritime Academy. This is a truly once in a lifetime experience.