2019 Summer Training Cruise

Day 47: Tallinn, Estonia

Posted on: June 24, 2019

The TSSOM tied up to the pier in Tallinn, Estonia, on day 45 of the voyage.  Since then, midshipmen have been able to experience the beautiful city of Tallinn and all it has to offer.  One of the more popular destinations for staff and students has been the Estonian Maritime Museum, which showcases years of maritime history, including a full sized submarine.  Students are also taking tours of KGB prison cells, right here in Tallinn.

Yesterday, June 19, a group of midshipmen and staff were invited to the Estonian Maritime Academy.  There, they were given a tour of the campus and some of the training facilities they use.  Later that day, a group of students from the Estonian Maritime Academy joined us about the TSSOM and were given a tour of the ship.

Tallinn continues to offer us beautiful weather, and great experiences.  The ship is scheduled to depart tomorrow as we start our trek back through the Baltic Sea and onto Oslo, Norway!

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