2019 Summer Training Cruise

Day 56: The final stretch

Posted on: July 3, 2019

The last foreign port visit of the 2019 summer training cruise is now behind us.  The TSSOM left the beautiful city of Oslo, Norway, yesterday around 0800. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed their time in port and found endless opportunities for entertainment while out on liberty.  Activities ranged from visiting the Viking museum, to viewing original Viking ships, to mountain biking the mountains surrounding the city, to visiting the world’s largest ski jump, to touring the city, and even to attending the christening of a new merchant ship.  It was an excellent port to cap off our trip before returning to the States!

Today, we have settled back into routine ship life. Alpha Company is conducting maintenance, and Bravo Company helping with the cleanliness of the ship on utility.  Charlie Company is on their fourth training day and Delta Company is holding the watch.

Along with Captain Tarrent, a small group of deck cadets deployed a NOAA weather buoy at 1000 hours.  This buoy will be used to track, and predict weather patterns for this area of the North Sea.

We are looking forward to the next 12 days at sea to really focus our efforts on getting the most out of this experience as possible!

Beautiful Oslo!

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