2023 Schooner Bowdoin

Falling into Shipboard Routine

Posted on: June 8, 2023

Good evening all, as we near the end of another day at sea the crew continue to fall into shipboard routine and acclimating to life aboard. After the incredible send off party we had from Boothbay the crew were able to put a great 24 hours of sailing at 8-9kts under there belts all the way into Canadian waters. However today the breeze has slowly moderated and backed to the south so we began motor sailing at 1500DT.

One humpback and a pod of finbacks where seen from the deck of Bowdoin today and many birds have been observed and documented including one hummingbird. After our daily and morning chores were completed the watches continued with other daily lessons such as plotting our position on the chart, hourly boat checks, log keeping, using the radar/ chart plotters and even some celestial navigation. Every day is full of learning and working to keep Bowdoin going but after another full one our awesome steward Kimberly made taco style baked potato’s, and salad with a Anadama bread croutons. Tomorrow maybe we will get into some of the fresh fish we got from our friends in Boothbay.

Ahead we can see the thick fog off of the Nova Scotia that waits ahead for Bowdoin tomorrow. But for now we enjoy a calm clear yet cool evening with hot tea or coffee and let the watches settle in.

Capt Alex Peacock

Students on Bowdoin