2019 Schooner Bowdoin

August 18: Second day in Lunenburg

Posted on: August 19, 2019

On our second day in Lunenburg, we did work aboard the vessel, had class, topped up provisions, and even managed some time to look around the town a bit more.

The main project for the day was tensioning the rig; half the crew did the main mast rigging and the other half the foremast. Tensioning the rigging is done periodically by readjusting the steel cables which support the masts by using chain come-alongs to tighten the 12 deadeye lanyards at the lower end of the cables supporting each mast. Fastening the lanyards in their new positions takes time and precision. The students and crew worked together for most of the day, ensuring each cable was correctly tensioned and fastened securely for our passage back to Maine.

Students also spent time making passage plans for different sections of our return voyage. In doing so they are taking into account weather conditions; fuel, water, and food needs; courses to steer; and, details of navigation. They also researched potential ports of call between Lunenburg and Mount Desert Island where the ship could go to avoid weather or to pick up supplies and have repairs done if needed. The assignment allows the students to demonstrate their understanding of the many factors that come under consideration when planning a voyage. Additionally, they can practice applying the skills that they learned in shoreside classes regarding navigation, care of the ship, and proper preparedness for any situation.

While the students and members of the crew were hard at work on the ship, the cook and second mate went grocery shopping. Our young sailors eat prodigiously and on this trip fresh veggies have fairly flown off the table! Once our fruit and salad stocks were revitalized, the rig tensioned, and the voyaging planning attended to, everyone was able to enjoy a quiet evening in town or on the ship before getting underway for Maine on Monday morning.

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