Vision 20 | 20

In September of 2020 President Brennan announced the receipt of a $750,000 grant to support MMA scholarships, thanks to the generosity and spirit of 1,797 alumni and many other friends and donors.

In 2017, the Alfond Foundation challenged MMA to raise a cumulative total of $2.25 million and increase the alumni participation rate to 20% in annual fund giving over three fiscal years. Vision 20|20 raised over $2.7 million and reached 24.5% alumni participation by the end of fiscal year 2020, June 30th.

“We have increased our alumni participation rate by 15% in the last decade, which is a significant accomplishment,” said President Brennan. “This momentum, due in large part to the challenge and the energy of our alumni, will propel Maine Maritime Academy toward the goal of creating a culture of giving to ensure the school’s sustainability well into the future.”

Approximately 80 percent of MMA students require need-based scholarship assistance annually. The $750,000 grant will be added to the Harold Alfond Engineering Scholarship Fund, established in 2014.

“We are extremely grateful for our outstanding staff and our dedicated Alumni Advancement Committee, a group of 38 alumni volunteers who emailed, called, wrote letters, and reached out to classmates via social media to encourage support for the academy,” said Capt. Larry D. Burrill ’77, Alumni Advancement Committee Chair.

“We are so pleased that Maine Maritime Academy not only met this challenge, but substantially surpassed it,” said Harold Alfond Foundation Executive Chairman, Greg Powell. “Our goal was to assist the Academy in creating a culture of giving, and by raising well over the challenge goal of $2.2 million and reaching 24.5% alumni participation, this fine school is well on its way.”

Alumni participation now aligns the Academy with some of the very best private colleges in the US. This expression of the value of an MMA education is further highlighted by recent “Best Colleges” and “Best Return on Investment” rankings as reported by US News and World Report, The Washington Post, and Money Magazine.

Help maintain the momentum in 2021!

1797 alumni donors in FY 2020


Alumni Participation by Class

Harold F. Burr
Leonard T. Daley
Joseph J. Burgarella
Francis Piliere
Barclay M. Shepard
William F. Thompson
Harry E. Henderson
Dale W. Lindsey
Jeremiah J. McCarthy
Alvin H. Miller
Richard A. Foley
Warren C. Hamm
Donald A. MacVane
Calvin R. Pelley
Willard L. Robinson
Emerson L. Hansell
Harold Hugo
Richard L. MacLean
Alan V. Mitchell
Joseph R. Simone
Lloyd H. Wentworth
Richard M. Anzelc
Rene G. Gagne
Frederick A. Ganter
Richard L. Ingalls
Lawrence C. Johnston
Lawrence P. Blethen
Bruce R. Carter
Robert E. Malaney
Francis J. Williams
Edgar L. Bourgeois
Nathaniel Choate
Deane E. Deshon
Ronald C. Dorsky
Roland H. Dubois
Herbert E. Molke
Charles W. O’Reilly
William P. Rausch
Thomas A. Russell
Leonard A. Skoog
D. Bradford Sleeper
Chester R. Tweedie
John W. Adam
Charles L. Fales
Robert F. Graham
Sidney R. Graham
John D. Keith
Roscoe P. McEacharn
Robert W. Nason
Sullivan W. Reed
Heinrich W. Bracker
Lawrence Johnson
James S. KomLosy
Frank D. Mansfield
Donald L. Merchant
John E. Oliver
Damon P. Rivard
Donald H. Silke
F. Alan Thompson
John A. Thurau
Harland B. Webber
John I. Allgaier
George J. Androsiglio
William K. Banks
Robert F. Baril
Gordon W. Brailsford
William D. Crawford
Harlan R. Cust
Donald W. Farquhar
William R. Fleming
Russell L. Godin
Charles M. Hall
Charles P. Harriman
Herbert O. Hodgkins
Glenn O. Hornberger
Stuart R. Kilbride
Bertrand E. Lemieux
William A. Lowell
William Mahoney
Roland O. Melcher
Richard L. Merrifield
Sterling A. Mills
Kenneth P. Oldham
Paul E. Penley
Emery G. Purslow
Rodney L. Scribner
Theodore R. Tracy
Harris E. Tucker
Richard C. Whittier
Ernest G. Williams
Norman Woodman
Mitchell W. Kalloch
John A. McCarthy
Richard B. Munsey
Robert E. Negron
Grayson L. Parker
Richard A. Reynolds
Michael C. Rolnick
Kenneth A. Roscoe
William A. Sawyer
Raymond Shibles
Donald C. Silver
Beniamino Yorio
Gerald P. Astorino
John W. Bitoff
Everett A. Cooper
David W. Farnham
David C. Haa
Manuel A. Hallier
Carl J. Hay
Gerhard M. Hoppe
Peter B. Kropotkin
Robert E. Libby
John MacLean
Russell D. Myers
Francis J. Tepedino
Winfred H. Bulger
Barry H. Clark
Edward D. Cormier
Joseph M. Darling
Jerome P. Drottar
Michael R. Fulton
John W. Hamlet
Charles W. Holland
Thomas M. Hydes
Thomas W. Kelly
Wayne S. Ladner
Robert N. Laney
Donald J. Main
Roger A. Marks
Michael G. McIntyre
Edward J. Morgan
Robert J. Reardon
Selmer M. Salvesen
Robert W. Tobin
Paul M. Tower
Charles E. Briggs
Wallace R. Cunningham
Raymond J. Dionne
Royal E. Hoyt
Fredric J. Kelley
Joseph Kostiuk
G. William Mackay
Norman K. Marchant
Paul R. Pelletier
Walter W. Picher
Eugene C. Rinker
Peter J. Schiot
Richard W. Thompson
Carl S. Akin
James W. Burroughs
Thomas J. Cartledge
Thomas H. Condon
Joseph C. Fortin
Ernold R. Goodwin
Jerome M. Gotlieb
William K. Gribbin
Brian M. Hathaway
Herbert P. Leyendecker
Norman A. Meissner
Paul D. Rooney
Philip H. Ruggles
Kenneth A. Smith
Robert P. Sullivan
David C. Wentworth
Martin J. Baker
Leroy E. Bennett
J. Michael Brennan
Garnet F. Colpitts
Jon M. Gilbert
Frank M. Hale
James C. Hathaway
Charles E. Hubbard
Charles A. Iliff
Stephen R. Kovacs
Norman F. Laskay
Richard W. Low
Robert H. Pouch
Ernest J. Propp
Alan D. Scott
Sheldon D. Skolfield
Francis L. Walsh
Gary K. Wheaton
David L. Wood
James E. Zedalis
Richard T. Belanger
Michael C. Breton
Thomas F. Brown
John C. Bryant
David W. Campbell
John C. Chapman
Stanley R. Clark
Louis S. Dunlay
Kenneth G. Fahrbach
Edward A. Harmes
John K. Harrigan
James R. Hebert
Peter H. Johnson
Kenneth W. Joy
Allan W. Laney
Stephen M. Levine
Perry A. Mattson
John P. Metcalfe
Robert K. Munchbach
Thomas W. Oughton
Thomas Rush
Charles K. Sherman
Eugene J. Silva
David L. Sims
David J. Singstock
Douglas S. Smith
Samuel D. Soule
David D. Terry
Charles W. Viebrock
Laurence V. Wade
Charles B. Weeks
Nathan G. Whitaker
Russell G. Wuestefeld
Stanley W. Arnold
Robert E. Arsenault
Michael D. Ball
John A. Bernich
Robert L. Bickford
Irving E. Bracy
Howard F. Casey
Dennis L. Driscoll
William Fenton
William L. Flanders
George E. Grimes
Frederick J. Haley
Wilfred A. Hamilton
Jeffery C. Hutchins
Larry D. Jacobsen
Charles A. Lechman
B. Edwin Lowell
Richard J. Moody
Charles E. Raymond
Ronald E. Raynes
Frank W. Richardson
Clyde W. Ricker
Dennis J. Roach
Samuel S. Rowe
Robert D. Somerville
John R. Stratton
Charles E. Sundheim
Ronald A. Vallee
George A. Wade
Douglas J. Whitney
W. Barry Widegren
David R. Ahearn
Peter E. Archibald
Thomas W. Benz
Peter C. Boyce
Edward E. Bulmer
A. David Clifford
John R. Demaree
Robert A. Gaffney
Richard K. Getz
Roger E. Haines
David N. Hallden
Richard S. Jagger
Richard P. Judd
Timothy D. Keefe
Russell F. Kniehl
Robert W. Lawlor
Roger E. Mercaldi
Marshall G. Merriam
Peter M. Newton
Lincoln H. Nye
David M. O’Connor
William S. Oliver
Francis X. Owens
Warren V. Richter
J. Scott Searway
Richard C. Somerville
John A. Standley
Richard F. Sullivan
Barry G. Unnold
Frederick J. Atkins
George L. Bradley
William H. Cahill
Ronald A. Cochran
Richard C. Condon
G. Rodger Cook
James E. Coughlin
Edward L. Curran
Daniel W. Dayton
Daniel E. Denman
Thomas H. Dorsky
George H. Duncan
Thomas P. Eldredge
Frank N. Famulari
Seth C. Fenner
Melvin G. Ferguson
Nathaniel A. Gladding
Alan D. Graif
Frederick J. Harris
John M. Hess
Peter M. Hunter
N. Anthony Jackson
James H. Johnson
Gardner R. Knight
Richard S. Knight
Robert A. Kolofsky
John B. Lancaster
Thomas J. Lanza
Albert P. Levesque
John M. Lewis
Norman A. Lewis
James J. Ling
Chester T. Manuel
Terrance S. McCarthy
Erik J. Nordeng
David S. Norton
Frederick C. Palmer
Linwood A. Pendexter
George F. Perkins
David A. Raye
Richard S. Reinhardsen
Herbert D. Robinson
Rodney P. Rodrigue
J. Michael Sanborn
David A. Schultze
Dennis E. Simmons
Robert P. Tasker
Ronald L. Terry
Peter D. Vaillancourt
David J. Wade
John C. Waller
James V. Weast
Peter D. Webb
David A. Wood
George T. Woodhull
Morris C. Barbeau
Erwin E. Bates
Robert W. Blackmore
David L. Carmody
John S. Casey
Reed W. Cass
Raymond G. Champine
James W. Cratty
Robert K. Damrell
Almer L. Dinsmore
William W. Donnini
Wayne M. Fournier
Frank E. Hatch
Waldo M. Hatch
Bruce A. Jordan
David H. Lane
Keith A. Lewis
Thomas B. Littlefield
Thomas R. Littlefield
Michael D. Lynch
Timothy A. Lynch
Richard E. Manchester
Gordon D. McAllister
Arthur S. Melanson
Robert W. Mercer
William E. Michaud
Gerald J. Mount
Thomas J. O’Reilly
John T. Page
Michael R. Perkins
Charles E. Perry
Timothy G. Pucko
Edward T. Reilly
Nicholas E. Salata
Michael F. Vigue
Douglas A. Ward
Guy G. Werner
Carl F. Woodman
Bruce W. Young
John D. Cameron
Norman E. Charleston
Robert D. Chester
Edward H. Deroche
Jeffrey H. Frank
Dana A. Gammon
Dale C. Glidden
Richard B. Harden
Roger L. Haskell
Gerald D. Heath
John W. Jones
Rodney J. Lucas
Robert D. MacLeod
Jerald P. Markley
Timothy C. Mathieu
Clayton E. Nowell
Ronald L. Sargent
Stephen L. Talon
Robert C. Wallace
Stephen N. Wikstrom
Eric D. Wilcox
Roger J. Arsenault
Christopher C. Bean
Vincent J. Bonsaint
Willard A. Burpee
Donald C. Cannan
Kenneth P. Capel
James A. Caravello
Philip K. Chase
Richard K. Clapp
John L. Clark
Samuel J. Collins
James P. Connors
Stephen W. Dick
David A. Dodge
Franklin R. Donley
Robert E. Dupuis
Harry R. Fullerton
Kevin P. Gildart
Brian J. Higgins
Paul W. Hughes
Robert M. Hussey
Gerard R. Lehouillier
Peter A. Longley
Edward J. Lynch
Edward J. Lynch
Bernard A. Madden
William A. Moss
Curtis G. Nehring
Peter G. Nielsen
Thomas W. Noble
Nick B. Ouilette
Gregory R. Peacock
Robert J. Peacock
Mark R. Pierce
Timothy F. Plummer
Bernard E. Pratt
Karsten L. Reinemo
William C. Rocha
John P. Roderick
Maynard C. Russell
Douglas S. Schweers
Clarence R. Snyder
Ralph E. Staples
David A. Sulin
Walter E. Taggart
Alfred E. Therrien
Mitchell D. Walker
Bruce R. Ward
Stephen C. Washington
Paul Whitin
Dannie E. Williams
Bruce E. Woodman
Rodney E. Brown
William M. Croke
Robert W. DeLambily
Mark D. Dougherty
Michael S. Dupuis
Thomas J. Egan
J. Michael Findlan
Leroy J. Fournier
John H. Gillis
Steven R. Goulet
Charles P. Goulette
Malcolm W. Griffin
Charles S. Heath
John J. Hills
James F. Lally
Robert P. Lemieux
Louis L. Normand
John R. O’Reilly
Stefan J. Palmer
Edward G. Rosenberg
Charles L. Spalding
Edward J. Stegle
Andrew N. Triandafilou
David J. Ward
Harry B. Webster
Donald B. Baiguy
Bruce A. Campbell
Thomas E. Davis
Richard C. Devins
David L. Dwyer
Leonard S. Gehrke
James M. Gordon
Gerald W. Harris
J. Patrick Hickey
Thomas M. Kelley
Howard M. Littlefield
Owen E. Martin
Paul E. Mercer
George R. Miller
Reginald L. Mitchell
Kenneth H. Poulin
Gordon L. Robinson
Ronald W. Snyder
Barry L. Sturdivant
John N. Webster
Donald J. Albert
Dalen K. Allen
William S. Altvater
William J. Blackwood
Francis D. Buck
Roger E. Collinsworth
Darrell C. Crane
Kevin B. Crossman
Michael K. Early
David G. Fitch
Timothy R. Gingrow
Mark E. Jenkinson
Jack S. Johnson
Scott K. Keller
Peter D. Kopf
Stephen E. Laskey
Carl S. Levesque
Brian Lewis
Arthur G. Lilienthal
Stephen M. Lobley
Steven W. Lord
Philip E. Lutes
Danny E. MacFadyen
Stephen J. McDonnell
Everett A. McMunn
Kevin J. Meagher
David F. Miller
Mark B. Panza
Frederick G. Payne
Drake D. Ritchie
William R. Russell
Michael X. Savasuk
Michael D. Seavey
Peter R. Sederquist
Robert D. Smith
Jon P. Swensen
Stephen G. Swinburne
Gary E. Toppi
John E. Turlo
Jeffrey P. Wadman
Stephen C. Walker
Al J. Wheeler
Jon P. Wing
Richard P. Wrigglesworth
Gary A. Dustin
Barry L. Joy
William J. Kinane
Charles T. Knowles
Wayne A. MacIntire
Peter V. Magnani
Raymond A. Mann
Brian S. McNamara
Stephen H. Merrill
James B. Murray
Edward M. Nichols
William S. Nottingham
Kurt D. Passon
Peter R. Powers
Danny R. Shorty
Lewis W. Snyder
William H. Anderson
Kenneth W. Campbell
Bradford L. Collins
Thomas C. Cross
Deborah D. Dempsey
Leslie B. Eadie
James E. Estabrook
Christopher W. Fay
William S. Full
Walter Gebert
Peter J. Gorman
Arthur S. Hall
John C. Jacoby
Mark R. Johnson
Douglas Koehler
Paul G. Lenfest
Henry I. Martin
Alexander P. Pallang
Leonard G. Pettis
Gregory Ponte
Jeffrey M. Potter
Walter C. Rankin
Harold R. Schuster
Earl E. Sheesley
George A. Snedden
Jeffrey A. Snow
Henry R. Terry
Robert M. Wakelin
Richard D. Wesley
David B. Witherill
Michael J. Ames
Robert E. Bowden
Larry D. Burrill
Lawrence D. Carley
Earle A. Cianchette
Geoffrey R. Crandlemire
Bruce J. Dinsmore
Dennis J. Downing
Bradley S. Ducharme
James M. Earley
Craig W. Ervin
Stephen G. Fuccillo
Enrico Gallo
David B. Guest
Michael W. Hayes
James A. Hooker
Dean B. Hostetler
Arvin W. Johnsen
Philip N. Johnson
Joseph J. Karpiak
David L. Lieberman
Michael L. Lizzotte
John T. Lyons
Michael K. Manning
Thomas J. McMahon
Michael G. McVicker
Jeffrey A. Murdy
Daniel J. Murphy
Richard B. Nadeau
Daniel T. Norton
Charles L. Rodrigue
Joseph H. Rodrigue
Brian A. Smith
Gary M. Smith
Bruce A. Spencer
David K. Sullivan
Stephen L. Tyks
Michael R. Willard
Daniel M. Aube
David F. Ayers
Stephen M. Bergeron
David M. Bobbe
Jeffrey L. Bolster
James D. Brackett
Glenn K. Brewer
Timothy C. Cassidy
Richard A. Collins
Michael C. DeSanctis
Theodore S. Elmendorf
Edward F. Gagnon
Steven W. Garland
Henry A. Goldmann
Bradley J. Goulet
Dale E. Hartford
Randall D. Hyde
Larry L. James
Timothy J. O’Connor
Dana V. Ramsdell
Bruce A. Ridley
John W. Robinson
Stephen J. Roy
William J. Sanborn
Bruce D. Suppes
Laurence H. Whittaker
Timothy M. Achorn
James V. Adamski
Kenneth W. Biebel
Ralph C. Boardman
George H. Burns
Robert J. Burns
Joel S. Burrill
George A. Chase
Steven B. Colfer
Matthew C. Craven
Michael P. Donovan
Patrick J. Fitzmaurice
Basil W. Friend
W. Eric Gleason
Wayne L. Gray
Thomas D. Hall
Charles V. Harrison
Leo M. Hill
Alfred E. Ikeler
John D. Ingram
William D. Jenkins
Robert O. Jensen
William R. Kenefick
Michael K. Lawler
Ian D. Lipsky
Peter P. MacDonald
Nicholas J. Martinez
Michael T. McGuire
Michael P. McNally
Douglas J. Meehan
Guy E. Mossman
Robert K. Murphy
John W. Murray
Kevin S. Muse
Robert W. Pellerin
James R. Plourde
Mark Pulkkinen
Thomas J. Quartuccio
Ronald R. Richards
Glenn S. Robinson
David T. Sapone
Walter P. Sarnacki
Charles P. Simpson
John C. Smith
Robert C. Sweetser
Brian D. Thomas
Gary F. Treworgy
Mark A. Voishnis
Michael R. Chambers
Ervin L. Curtis
Mark R. Curtis
Russ C. Flagg
Terence J. Gilvey
Gary L. Henry
David K. Horne
Russell P. Johansen
Rob Jones
Stephen M. Joseph
Stephen G. Krawczyk
Richard H. Leighton
Richard B. LeVasseur
John W. Lord
Edward T. Matlack
Jeffrey J. McMahon
Raymond E. Minchak
Mark A. Paine
David J. Pepin
Dana S. Petersen
David Pouliot
Dean R. Quirion
John L. Sala
James W. Stefanski
Stephen H. Steinberg
Anthony M. Theriault
Joseph E. Vail
Ronald A. Ward
Robert S. Benson
John R. Buckley
Stephen J. Carew
Richard J. Clarke
Stephen J. Cole
David A. Dickey
Robert B. Eames
Thomas E. Evans
Michael L. Footer
Raymond Geissler
Gregory D. Hall
Richard M. Heath
Peter K. Hunt
Edward L. Kelly
Christopher T. Lloyd
Roger H. Miller
Peter E. Petrelis
Peter J. Pierce
Christopher S. Riley
Raymond J. Rodriguez
Terry A. Rycenga
Brian F. Smith
A. Lawrence Ahearn
Frederick M. Amicangioli
Patrick M. Ashley
Lawrence D. Barchue
Gregory W. Bartlett
Jeffrey A. Bonney
Martin J. Breslin
Michael J. Burke
Guy R. Campbell
Philip J. Cohen
John W. Costello
Joseph D. Cote
Robert W. Cullinen
Vincent P. Dostie
David W. Ellis
Douglas J. Eyes
Peter A. Ferland
Alexander E. Forsley
Benjamin F. Goodrich
Mark J. Haggerty
Mark A. Harvey
George S. Hutchins
Andrew R. Keith
Francis J. McCabe
Glen M. Morse
James M. O’Malley
Jonathan Q. Ogle
Paul B. Ostberg
Winslow H. Pillsbury
David S. Price
Daniel P. Profenno
Daniel L. Robsham
Mark P. Scheyder
Thomas K. Shannon
Jeffrey A. Stenberg
Charles C. Tippin
Eric F. Wilson
Bruce W. Bolduc
Nicholas B. Brackett
Joseph F. Bradbury
Alan F. Conant
Mark A. Cote
Perry S. Cubeta
Bryan P. Cutchen
Jonathan T. Hall
John C. Janowicz
Michael J. Kelsey
Clay V. King
Kurt A. Kirkland
Conrad T. L’Heureux
Margaret B. Letarte
Guy D. Loranger
John K. Lundevall
Gregory T. Maxwell
Christopher Mead
Ronald E. Merrill
Lawrence W. Penney
Francis X. Pyne
Daniel W. Rideout
Jay M. Sawyer
John L. Shea
Mark D. Steele
John S. Webb
John P. Achorn
Robert G. Adams
Dudley C. Ames
John R. Anderson
John G. Balano
Paul V. Belesca
John J. Berglund
Dana W. Blake
Gerald H. Briggs
Christopher W. Brown
Michael T. Brown
Richard M. Cadwalader
Bruce M. Chenell
Michael A. Cianchette
J. Richard Cronin
David J. Cultrera
Kevin D. Daigneault
Roland D. Dears
Ann M. Dundon
Steven L. Durrell
Mark V. Eldridge
Joseph W. Erskine
James R. Fernald
Stacey A. Fitts
John F. Fossett
Michael J. Foster
Michael J. Fournier
Mark B. Fredenburgh
Mark Friel
David T. Gelinas
Kevin J. Green
Douglas B. Griggs
William S. Harrison
Lisa L. Hayden
Lynn Henderson
David C. Holden
Ronald H. Hood
James P. Hutton
Matthew W. Keller
William Knowlton
Marc Lyons
William A. MacKeil
William A. Manduca
David W. Melin
Reid N. Merrill
Brian C. Moore
Joseph Olszowy
Anthony P. Pare
Matthew H. Pedersen
Frank V. Porcellini
Paul E. Robie
Shannon Rogers
David A. Roy
Peter J. Russell
John V. Sawyer
Richard K. Simonds
Andrew R. Stewart
Prentice Strong
David J. Sutter
James Taplin
Mark R. Whitney
Adam M. Wilson
Douglas J. Young
Mark E. Armstrong
Charles T. Baird
Garrett H. Bennett
Roger C. Boyington
John E. Burns
Andrew W. Clarke
Gerry L. Craig
Francis J. Crozier
Kevin J. Davis
John E. Duran
Timothy S. Eisenhaur
Gregg S. Garson
Kevin E. Godfrey
Peter S. Goller
Joseph L. Gowen
Dann L. Hayden
Douglas A. Herling
R. Scott Hersey
Sherri L. Hickman
Murray A. Howard
Alan P. Hummer
Christopher J. Inness
John W. Jacobs
Scott W. Johnson
Wayne T. Komulainen
Todd P. Lalumiere
David J. Lemieux
Thomas P. McCool
Roland A. Melcher
Edward W. Momm
Wendy L. Morrison
John W. Murphy
Jeffrey M. Parker
R. Michael Payton
David W. Perkins
James D. Proulx
Eric C. Quick
Brian D. Rawson
Michael R. Ryan
Michael J. Siepert
Matthew J. Skurka
Conrad E. St. Pierre
Patrick B. St. Pierre
Jonathan T. Streett
Scott A. Thibodeau
Anthony J. Tuell
Ivon G. Turmel
Clayton A. Whidden
John B. Amendola
Richard G. Armstrong
Robert L. Bartlett
David H. Bolster
James B. Boucher
Michael A. Bunker
Craig W. Burpee
John H. Burpee
Patrick J. Carney
Richard H. Carter
Thomas A. Cassidy
David D. Clark
Ronald R. Costain
Terrence M. Daigle
James R. Doyle
Mark R. Eisenhaur
Lincoln B. Erhard
David G. Fath
Roderick J. Fraser
Charles F. Goodrich
Adam J. Guziewicz
Mark A. Haines
Joseph P. Harman
Richard C. Holt
Christopher B. Howard
James G. Jennings
John P. Kay
David R. Knapp
Douglas E. Koos
Henry Lang
Dennis P. Lawlor
Richard M. Lawrence
Claude D. Leclair
Geoffrey I. Lee
John L. Lessard
Glen R. Lester
M. Shawn Longfellow
Stephen Martin
James P. McCarron
Brian A. McGregor
Peter E. McVety
Allie W. Milligan
Paul J. Mitchell
Wayne A. Norton
John L. Nowinski
William M. O’Reilly
John S. Paulsen
Gregory A. Poulin
Jeffery S. Riedel
Domenic A. Rizzo
John R. Rousselle
John A. Salvador
Jonathan E. Sprague
Michael Sturtevant
Michael A. Taylor
Carl R. Walker
Daniel E. Whyte
William E. Wilson
Timothy C. Winters
Paul D. Wittkopf
Scott W. Bossert
Kurt J. Breitfeller
Jon E. Carr
Kimberly A. Croke
Thomas G. Dawson
John DeRose
James T. Egan
John A. Finnigan
Scott S. Forbes
Paul F. Gallagher
John R. Goetz
A. Scott Granholm
David S. Grondin
Douglas M. Harrington
David R. Howard
Paul D. Hugill
Raymond E. Jackson
Mark W. Klopp
Todd N. Lapointe
Thomas W. Lord
Holly A. McLean
Stephen L. Michaud
Shane A. Moeykens
Philip A. Murray
Donna L. Nier
Daniel E. Peters
John O. Sewall
Dennis R. St. Pierre
Hugh V. Tillman
Paul F. Winn
Patrick A. Zrioka
Troy A. Ammons
Kevin A. Arruda
Kendra C. Bavor
Roger F. Boisse
Tracy A. Burke
John M. Callan
James D. Cavo
John D. Chapman
Kevin S. Colgan
Christian S. Croteau
Mark E. Daly
Anthony D. DiMattia
George P. Drew
Michael A. Dubois
Patrick W. Duffy
Andrew J. Enman
William E. Follett
Mark S. Gallagher
William J. Gamage
Christopher T. Godfrey
Lee H. Goldberg
Jay P. Hackett
Cedric T. Harkins
Eric J. Hendrickson
Christopher D. Holt
Joseph R. McLaughlin
Christopher P. Mercer
Michael E. Mooney
Jill A. Morgan
Roland D. Pelletier
Eric J. Perry
George C. Petrovich
Joseph M. Poltrack
Christopher A. Poor
Stephen M. Schutt
Eric F. Smith
Timothy T. Van Atta
Mark J. Winter
Thomas S. Wranosky
Bruce K. Ames
Richard A. Balzano
Gary C. Brown
Peter M. Brown
Daniel O. Clayton
Andrew P. Covert
James P. Gompper
David P. Heronemus
Tan V. Ho
Bruce A. Leonard
Dean J. Maggio
Troy A. Malbon
Mario G. Pantoja
John N. Pappas
Greg Ricciardi
John S. Settles
S. Robert Silverton
Jay M. Standring
Steven M. Watson
Scott D. Alley
David O. Burchill
Lance A. Burton
Robert D. Curtis
Jeffrey W. LePage
James J. Mellen
Kevin R. Morrison
David P. Petruccelli
Robert E. Shanley
Linda G. Trumbull
John R. Turner
Graham W. Wright
Charles M. Cutter
Campbell J. Dixon
Allen A. Dorn
Robert D. Goodwin
Gary T. Hill
Craig H. Johnson
John T. Karnes
Mark A. McInnis
Louis C. O’Donnell
Keith L. Payne
Tamra T. Pierce
John P. Poulin
Jennifer L. Audette
Elizabeth A. Boucher
Michael S. Boucher
Steven D. Bradley
Daniel S. Brown
Jeffrey A. Coit
Michael Connolly
Peter J. Donaher
John N. Gandy
Brian A. Gebo
Dwayne W. Kipple
Matthew J. Metivier
Jeffrey J. Smith
Henry P. Stewart
Tina M. Vanderploeg
Patrick D. Welch
Richard S. Babcock
Frederick H. Berry
Keith C. Both
Daryl B. Boyington
Gregory A. Brooke
Robert W. Burger
Benjamin S. Cameron
Sean E. Doody
Christopher C. Ferreira
Laurie E. Flood
Scott Fortuna
Matthew S. Frank
James R. Gill
Peter S. Griffiths
George R. Haithwaite
Derek D. Hill
Eric C. James
James B. Kaminsky
Brian D. Kirk
Timothy R. Long
Terrell M. Mannion
Edwin W. McIntosh
Peter M. Mento
Daniel G. Merriam
Mark L. Middleton
Bryan A. Osgood
Martha E. Page
Steven S. Pellegrino
Josef J. Ramaci
Scott J. Rutherford
Richard T. Slack
John M. Souther
Stephen E. Spratt
Michael J. Tolley
Michael T. Wardwell
Carl W. Webster
Brett D. Witham
Stephen W. Abbott
Andrea M. Allen
Teague K. Berry
Donald L. Berube
Philippe J. Bolduc
Lloyd N. Bracy
Michael S. Cook
Anthony J. Costigan
Russell D. Flewelling
Jonathan R. Hjort
Daniel T. Hobart
Brian S. Jones
Daniel R. Page
Paul M. Perrin
Steven M. Riedel
Dwight M. Shibles
William A. Spurr
Richard N. Thomas
Kris A. Toth
Steven P. Tukey
Adam C. Wheeler
Garrett C. Yard
John C. Allen
William D. Anderson
William E. Birney
Holly B. Bragdon
Scott A. Cavanagh
Ronald W. Chasse
David J. Cloutier
Brian T. Coxson
Todd M. Crane
Kirt P. Currie
Jonathan A. Day
Brian G. Deschenes
Matthew M. Gammon
Seamus L. Haley
Dexter A. Holaday
Leon W. Hubbard
Jeffrey E. Ivory
E. Paul Manzo
Matthew A. McLaughlin
Eric N. Ouellette
Matthew J. Parker
Jeffrey J. Patry
Patrik G. Pulkkinen
Daniel J. Robinson
Charles L. Schaff
Christopher J. Sharik
Benjamin F. Strickland
Benjamin J. Strunk
Mark E. Thomas
Joanne Wardwell
John W. Whitelaw
Erin J. Ackor
Jeffrey P. Adamczyk
Jonathan T. Bain
Scott J. Begin
John D. Bragdon
Terrence P. Brennan
Scott A. Cote
Gary O. Couture
Timothy H. DeMoranville
Jeffrey G. Dunn
Edward A. Figelski
Chad H. Friend
Troy A. Goss
Derek D. Hewson
Jeremy L. Hopkins
Michael W. Loncoski
Todd R. MacPhee
Michael L. McManus
Rick A. Mercier
Todd W. Moores
Anthony L. Newcomb
Jason A. Oney
Richard R. Perry
Ryan G. Reed
Stephen C. Rendall
Andrew C. Russo
John B. Salat
Ravindra P. Singh
Jason E. Smith
Attapol Sookma
Nathan R. Spear
Matthew T. St. Cyr
Boima C. Voyou
John J. Weisheit
Michael W. Whitney
Robert J. Wimmer
Jason M. Wisneski
Claude J. Bolduc
Patrick V. Camburn
Mark P. Caron
Ellen M. Conner
Heather L. Cooper
Todd J. Cooper
Mark A. Cote
Allen J. Curtis
Scott D. Daniell
Craig A. Dube
Patrick D. Dunphy
Scott A. Lambert
Brian D. McCue
James D. Morse
Darshan D. Murphy
Regina L. Riera
Wayne A. Rolland
Gregory S. Shelton
Michael S. Shields
Jeremy B. Weirich
Jason L. Alley
Keith E. Bradley
Nicholas J. Brower
Joshua J. Collamer
Christopher M. Condon
Derek J. Conlin
Kenneth E. Dunn
Jason Grabelle
Jonathan O. Libby-Nichols
Jeffrey S. Linton
Jason P. Littlefield
Terrence C. Moore
Craig M. Myster
Michael R. Ohrt
Christopher J. Owsianiecki
Damion P. Riera
Thomas M. Sharp
Bradley R. Vigue
Paul Whitin
James W. Beck
Brian M. Belanger
Jeffrey S. Benedict
Susan W. Bradford
Joshua R. Breau
Rebecca S. Caron
Geoffrey F. Clarke
Cyrus J. Dimock
Sean M. Duffelmeyer
Lance A. Durgan
Arthur A. Fletcher
Nathanael R. Fougner
Paul G. Geiken
John P. Holmes
Craig J. Leduc
Wallace R. Pooler
Jody M. Powers
Angelo W. Rizzitello
Kristy L. Rizzitello
Heather M. Robertson Thorn
Tyson R. Rowe
John J. Schieferstein
Adam P. Small
Jeffrey C. Thorn
Joseph E. Valliere
Wallace W. Wrigley
Clarence M. Young
Ryan S. Bolduc
Stephen J. Britton
Thomas M. Brown
Linette K. Casey
Christopher D. Charter
David A. Cunningham
Eric Hall
Steven J. Halloran
Aimee E. Hayden-Roderiques
Christopher G. Herrick
Eric P. Jergenson
Logan P. Johnsen
John R. Kinlein
Gordon R. MacArthur
Benjamin P. McKenney
Matthew J. Meskun
Jered M. Norton
Erik D. Osinski
Eric W. Otenti
Benjamin B. Robertson
Joseph E. Roderiques
Adam B. Seamans
Lindsay M. Smith
Ryan K. Smith
Carrie E. Stewart
Jay T. Stewart
Daniel K. Tyson
Vanessa A. Vigue
William Z. Adams
Kristi L. Cooper
Ross I. Gordon
Patrick D. Griffin
Teresa H. Jergenson
Roger L. Kennedy
Ronald S. Perry
Matthew E. Phelan
Brian J. Walls
Petar Y. Atanasov
Robert B. Berg
Benjamin W. Elliot
John K. Gasper
Eric L. Gould
Lucas L. Henderson
Matthew W. Koskela
Jacob A. Turgeon
Frank T. Wells
Sadie M. Alley Ferreira
Cindy Chan
Seth A. Forman
Shimon D. Horowitz
Adam M. Hunt
Elissa M. Koskela
Gregory P. Lundy
Robert M. Norton
John C. Patriquin
Katherine Percenti
Joshua K. Pooler
Andrew J. Scheuchzer
Matthew D. Wheeler
Ashbel W. White Joyal
Serena Berube
Nathan C. Boyan
Kyle R. Cloutier
Christina M. De La Cruz
Maygan B. Dunlap
Heather L. Kolb
Benjamin A. McKay
Jeffrey B. Musk
Lindsey G. Pinkham
Michael A. Potter
Carl G. Rhodes
Brett Saltsman
Peter M. Vander Hoek
Nicholas T. Walker
John S. Albaum
John R. Berube
Eric M. Brown
Martin E. Conroy
Eric J. Dankewicz
Derek R. Fiske
Eric J. Haskell
Nathan J. Hellen
James R. Jeffcoat
Timothy N. Leach
Phillip P. Lessard
Ann M. Luken
Donald R. McBride
Christopher J. Oelschlegel
Colleen A. Peters
Christina M. Pierce
William E. Pierce
Nathan D. Power
Amy L. Puleo Sison
Jennifer L. Robbins Haskell
Terry E. Savage
Anthony P. Scafidi
Alaina G. Scheuchzer
Beth A. Smith
Mark P. Stines
Andrew C. Strosahl
Adam W. Tart
Trapper W. Tinker
Benjamin E. Adams
Lendall D. Alexander
Steven A. Ayigah
Meghan A. Beaulieu
Roscoe G. Bishop
Myles M. Block
Ralph M. Bohm
Timothy N. Boorman
Chad E. Bulkley
Shane P. Cavanaugh
Katherine B. Clapham
Christopher D. Clayton
Anthony M. Cote
Jonathan E. Davis
William J. Dunlap
Oliver C. Garthwaite
Vernon J. Giguere
Nicholas M. Grimaldi
Samuel S. Gulliver
Julia A. Howe
Navneet Jain
Allen E. Johnson
Ashley E. Lallier
Crystal M. Maass
Jacqueline E. McKenney
Carrie P. Norton
Kevin M. Proctor
Michael C. Rand
Roberto Rivera
Jasper H. Walsh
Matthew A. Zeh
Peter J. Albee
Michael C. Bucklin
Rebecca K. Daly
Ashley E. Douglass
John H. Fox
Michelle L. Gott Miles
Mar Grasa
Christopher F. Hempstead
Swapna Jain
William D. Moser
Colin R. Nelson
Melissa A. Nelson
Justin D. Nichols
Kevin Poulliot
Ashley T. Rand
Marie L. Rappa
Cameron D. Ross
Nicholas T. Sabbath
Jeremy M. Schisler
Katherine A. Stines
Park M. Tupper
Marc J. Veilleux
Nicole D. Walsh
Gardner F. Brown
Matthew M. Cartwright
Eric D. Childs
Jonathan R. Clancy
Dylan J. Clark
Hilary L. Clayton
Maegan E. Cloutier
Charles W. Easley
Andrew T. Farnham
Alyssa S. Fortin
Jenna R. Giguere
Justin R. Henderson
John P. Kalagher
Rebecca J. Labonte
Kaitlyn F. Leeman-Kenyon
Scott W. Loweth
Alec H. Mackenzie
J. Ann McAlhany
Donald J. McNelly
Alexander S. Miller
Megan E. Miller
Christopher T. Moore
Casey S. Morey
Jo-Ann Provencher
Chelsie C. Quesenberry
Kennith J. Quesenberry
Andrew W. Robichaud
Ryan T. Sirois
Matthew E. Stephens
Luke P. Velho
Scott K. Wiles
George P. Barnes
Nicholas J. Bishop
Omar C. Chaar
Derek J. Difrederico
Kristi M. Gordon
Seth M. Green
William H. Magnussen
Caroline D. Marin
Nicholas S. Martinez
Joshua P. McMann
Nicole N. St. Pierre
Matthew T. Stein
Eric A. Turchi
Keenan W. Vogler
Andrew J. Baer
Derrek M. Belanger
Peter W. Betti
Andrew J. Davidson
Diana L. de Vos
Joshua C. de Vos
Brandon C. Dubois
Kelsi L. Eiane
Gabriel J. LaRoche
Nikita E. Leiba
Joseph A. MacGinnis
Derek D. McGillicuddy
Nathaniel J. Morrison
Joseph P. Mulcahy
Curtis J. Pelletier
Kurt J. Pullman
Isaiah J. Roberts
Lori M. Stephens
Katrina L. Storti
Clayton L. Tolman
Valerie L. Velho
Cullen A. Ward
Michael T. Ward
Bryan W. York
Glenn Anderson
Steven C. Austin
Elizabeth M. Cote
Kirstien M. Davidson
Ryan G. Gannon
Brittany H. Green
Mary E. Hutchins
Katie Hutchinson-Pullman
Christopher A. Johnson
Coleman D. Lapointe
William F. Leathers
Trevor J. McCourt
Taylor K. McGovern
Mark A. Merlino
Jackson E. Mohr
Katie L. Pushard
Lauren T. Sakahara
Gregory L. Smith
Seth Spiller
Jessica L. Stahl
Joel F. Walker
Matthew D. Ward
Daniel M. Weamer
Brian A. Corain
Thomas H. Gorman
Ian T. Hopkins
Christopher D. Hulse
Jenna R. McCourt
William D. McLean
Kayley M. Rodriguez
Edwin Santana
Heather L. Santana
Joshua M. Shaw
Nicholas T. Vincent
Evan J. Barker
James E. Belmont
Joel C. Chadbourne
Matthew H. Clement
Cassandra L. Everest
Zara-Anne E. Farrar
Sabrina Fiaalii
Samantha M. Goda
Kari H. Jones
Nicholas P. LaCombe
Matthew J. Methot
Caissie L. Roberts
Adrian P. Syphers
Finn L. Welch
William D. Ziadeh
Ryan G. Armstrong
Genevieve C. Black
Jacob A. Bracy
Bryan K. Dore
Ariel A. Gendron
Oliver B. Jennings
Henri J. Levesque
Sarah G. Levesque
Kyle M. Malenfant
Owen R. Mims
Scott T. Murray
Alejandro J. Nevarez
Tyler R. Poll
Andi L. St. Pierre
Luke M. Wiley
Amanda M. Ziadeh
Thomas W. Bell
Haley A. Blake
Samuel N. Brown
Rebekah R. Campbell
Erik J. Doherty
William S. Langlois
D’Mitri M. Monroe
Alexander J. Morrison
John C. Parrinello
Dylan J. Penney
Jillian L. Perron
Elizabeth E. Pingree
Graham J. Pingree
Andrew S. Pulk
Bradley R. Reed
Cameron R. Roy
Lillian E. Slazas
Jesse G. Whitney
Nathaniel P. Zmek
Margaret V. Corain
Jordan E. Dehlinger
Haley C. Eckert
Clayton M. Forrest
Gabriel W. Giguere
Christopher M. Gilman
Timothy D. Grant
Christopher V. Harris
Coronado F. Hickman
Jason A. Magee
Molly R. Marcotte
Alexander R. Wallace
Benjamin M. Wallace
Joshua W. Bailey
Spencer A. Boonstra
Tyler J. Gilson
Daniel H. Holzwarth
David E. Lord
Garrett M. Magiera
Matthew C. McGowan
Cody R. McLean
Mackenzie P. Menezes
Gillian H. Milstein
Randy M. Moody
Brian C. Philbrick
Elisha G. Reed
Mackenzie A. Vosburgh
Jessica E. Weeks
Kristina L. Willey
Alexandria N. Winchester
Dylan A. Birmingham
Kylie C. Bradley
Ryan S. Brantley
Eleanor M. Carr
Isaac M. Doiron
Erin M. Donlon
Ryan P. Donlon
Ethan O. Edwards
Justin K. Foelix
Shana M. Grimes
Debra L. Kingston
Justin S. Kretzmer
Edison T. Ma
Maggie M. McConkey
Lauren J. McKenna
Aaron B. Milstein
Taylor J. Nichols
Torin H. O’Connell
Peyton A. Penney
Caleb C. Reed
Jacob C. Rondeau
Thomas E. Samson
Benjamin J. Swan
Kendra E. Underhill
Benjamin R. Williams
Cristin L. Wright
Alexandra A. Allen
Brendan W. Broderick
Kyle D. Fallon
Alayne M. Felix
Anthony T. Franchetti
William M. Guerette
Amanda M. Holewiak
Sierra L. James
Erich C. Klopfer
Eli C. McDaniel
Miranda M. McIntire
Megan A. McLean
Nicholas Parker
Liam J. Pitchford
Trevor H. Richards
Adam S. Richardson
Samuel D. Smith
Anna M. Spring
Matthew A. Stewart
Micaela M. Tanguay
Brody O. Tarsook
Mason T. Whitaker
Conner S. Woods
Sydney K. Adams
Logan C. Anair
John H. Angleberger
Spencer Baron
Andrew A. Beals
Joel J. Bennett
Trenton J. Bouchard
Cameron J. Bourque
Zackery M. Brannon
Rachel E. Bunker
Justin B. Burgess
Ryan E. Burke
Kaarie R. Burns
Jacob R. Bussiere
Alexa J. Cacacie
Wyatt M. Card
Adam J. Casillas
Lilah P. Chaar
Harrison T. Clark
Tess M. Clark
Andrew Coleman
Abigail L. Cooper
John E. Curry
Nicholas A. Depatsy
Julia M. Dillon
Eryn R. Doiron
Peter W. Emery
Patrick T. Finn
Hunter J. Giacomuzzi
Dylan D. Gooch
Nathan Granholm
Ryan L. Hallett
Noah M. Hayes
Jeffrey K. Huhn
Dillon L. Hummes
Carter K. Jordan
Caitlin M. Kane
Andrew M. King
Abigail M. L’Abbe
Jacob J. Larsen
Jeffrey D. Lewis
Andrew J. Liebert
Zachary Look
Riley J. MacLeod
Maggie J. MacMahon
James C. Markos
Keenan Martin
Christopher M. McNamara
Emily J. Melick
Anthony P. Michaud
Cory E. O’Connell
Melinda A. Ogden
Dana Ouellette
Nicholas J. Pappas
Bethany M. Pare
Logan G. Peacock
David L. Ramage
Joshua W. Reeks
Hannah E. Scott
Hunter G. Sechrist
Mary O. Shea
Kaitlyn Shute
Elliott M. Sibley
Bailey N. Small
Chloe H. Smedley
Katelyn A. Smith
Jeremy C. Spiegel
Bradford L. Tibbetts
Avae L. Traina
Liam Welch
Chance L. Whittemore
Paul S. Woodworth
Nicholas T. York
Tyler D. Young
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