The decision to attend college requires both a personal and financial commitment. Maine Maritime Academy believes that this important undertaking should not be constrained by financial considerations. The college strives to make a Maine Maritime Academy education affordable to all qualified applicants and enrolled students whenever possible. Maine Maritime Academy provides a number of scholarship opportunities for students attending the college. The types of scholarships and award amounts may vary depending on fund availability.


The Admissions Office will use the information that you have provided on the application to make decisions on merit-based recipients. Maine Maritime Academy will continue to use the superscore method for both admissions and merit aid awarding.  This means we will take the highest test score across all your test dates for consideration. In awarding merit aid for those unable to take the SAT or ACT, this year we will use a combination of grade point average and class rank.



Maine Maritime Academy holds several endowed scholarship funds that have been established through the generosity of alumni and friends of the Academy.  A number of these funds specify criteria (beyond financial need) that students must meet to qualify. Qualification does not guarantee a scholarship.

For a student to be considered for one or more of these scholarships, they must:

  1. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by January 31st each year.
  2. Submit the MMA Endowed Scholarship Application by January 31st each year.
  3. Continuing Students: have a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher at the close of the academic year.
  4. First-Year students: must meet the Academic Scholarship criteria established by the Office of Admissions.

Maine Maritime Academy students are able to pursure their passions and acheive their goals though the generous contributions of our endowed scholarship donors. For more information on each of our endowed scholarships or to apply please utilize the links below.


Private organizations offer financial assistance to thousands of qualified individuals each year. High schools, community organizations, professional associations, businesses, and industries frequently offer scholarships to students. Some are based on need or scholastic achievement, but many are not. High school guidance counselors and public libraries have lists of organizations offering these scholarships.

There are numerous sites on the internet where students can search for additional scholarships. As well as resources to help students navigate understanding the financial
picture and how to achieve their goal of becoming a Maine Maritime Academy graduate.