Visitors Parking

As a visitor of Maine Maritime Academy, it is our hope that your parking experience is a pleasant one. There are several options when it comes to visitor parking. Maine Maritime Academy offers long-term and 2-hour visitor parking for individuals that are visiting campus. These spaces are identified by parking signs and their locations are illustrated on our campus parking map. MMA visitors may park in these spaces without a permit. MMA faculty, staff and students are not allowed to park in the visitor parking spaces and will be subject to a parking citation.

Long-Term Visitor Spaces: There are long-term visitor parking spaces available in the Leavitt Hall parking lot and near the Wyman House. There is no time limit associated with these spaces.

2-hour Visitor Spaces: MMA has 2-hour visitor parking spaces located near Athletics, the ABS building, and Curtis Hall. Visitors who park longer than two hours in these spaces will be subject to a parking citation.

Admissions Visitor Parking: There are four parking spaces located in the Leavitt Hall parking lot designated as Admissions Visitor Parking. These spaces are for MMA prospective students and family members visiting campus.

Visitor Parking Permit: If the designated visitor parking spaces are full, visitors may obtain a visitor parking permit through Campus Safety located in Windlass House or at the information desk located on the first floor of Quick Hall. This permit will allow a visitor to park on campus in a predetermined parking lot that will be indicated on the visitor permit.

Overnight Guest of Students: Overnight guests of Maine Maritime Academy students are required sign in and obtain a visitor parking permit at the front desk of Curtis Hall prior to parking on campus. These permits are issued through Residential Life. Guests of students living on campus are asked to park their permitted vehicle in the Commuter section of the Stevens Street parking lot. MMA students may not obtain a “guest permit” for their personal vehicle.