2023 Summer Training Cruise

Bunkering in NYC

Posted on: May 16, 2023

We took on fuel yesterday in NYC! It was a full day of bunkering in which we took on 1400 tonnes of fuel, and are now sitting 24 inches lower in the water! It was sunny and students were taking advantage of some free time and an incredible view. Deck cadets dropped the anchor and handled lines from the barge. Engine cadets attached the 3 inch hose from the barge and distributed fuel to one large tank forward and two tanks aft. Students not involved with the bunkering process played cornhole on the 04, fished off the stern, napped in the sun or worked on their sea project! The classic cruise mix of work and fun, below are photos from the trip up and the bunkering process!

If you have any questions about the cruise experience/ cadets everyday life, that you would like possibly answered in a blog post, please send me a brief email with your question to odegaard.fields@tssom.mma.edu. You will probably not receive a response directly but keep returning to the blog for an answer!

4/C Odegaard Fields