2017 Summer Training Cruise

Update: Arrival in Boston

Posted on: July 25, 2017

The Training Ship State of Maine is currently on target for arrival in Boston at roughly 1800 Thursday, July 27, however, we can’t be sure of our arrival time because of weather. If weather does delay the ship’s transit to Boston, arrival may get pushed later. Parents and friends making arrangements for visiting with students aboard should be aware that it will take time to clear Customs & Border Patrol, and Agriculture. Considering both a possible delay because of weather and time to clear customs, students may not be available for visiting until Friday, the 28th. We will plan to send another update tomorrow.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the Training Ship’s limited connectivity to the Internet, blog postings are delayed and are not intended for real-time communication. To communicate with your student, please send messages to his or her issued e-mail address.