2024 Training Cruise

Summer Training Cruise 2022 Information

The following information is provided to give the student / staff member sailing on the Training Ship State of Maine on the Summer Training Cruise (24 April – 24 June) the necessary information to prepare for embarkation and going to sea. If you have additional questions, please contact the Regimental Office at 207-326-2250.

Midshipmen, we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Vaccinations and Vaccination Status

As a reminder, receiving a COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory to participate in Summer Cruise 2022. All current employees and students who are on campus should already have provided proof of vaccination. For participants who have not previously submitted their vaccination card, you will be required to show your vaccination card at check-in prior to boarding the ship for cruise.

Being ‘fully vaccinated’ means that at least 14 days have elapsed since your final dose of the vaccine.

Please review the following information carefully:

24 April: Antigen test for all cruise participants on Waterfront.
24 April: All students participating on Summer Training Cruise 2022 move aboard by Company.

  • Move-Aboard Uniform is cruise khakis w/ ball cap or garrison
  • 1200 – Watches begin with Alpha Company
  • Vehicles may be driven to the waterfront to offload gear and then immediately returned to the designated parking area.

Arriving for Cruise

The schedule for students boarding TSSOM is as follows:

  • Alpha Company – 0900 to 0945
  • Delta Company – 0945 to 1030
  • Bravo Company – 1030 to 1115
  • Charlie Company – 1115 to Noon

This is based on your Summer Training Cruise 2022 company assignment. Most students will remain in your parent company; however, a few students will be assigned different companies for cruise.

*Note: Dinner will be the first meal served on board so please be sure to have lunch prior to boarding.

Move Aboard

You will be required to show your MMA ID and TWIC card when you move your gear aboard, and for those who were not previously on campus, you must present proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Please also bring your passport as we will be traveling to foreign ports.

There will be check-in stations on the pier that must be completed in order prior to moving your gear aboard. All bags are subject to search prior to boarding.

Berthing assignments will be given at the time of check-in. Changes to berthing assignments are not authorized without permission from the Cadet Master AND the Master of TSSOM.

Limited storage for students who will be living in campus housing during the fall semester is available. Please contact Deidra Davis at deidra.davis@mma.edu for information on storage.

All Midshipmen are to be moved aboard prior to 1600 on 24 April. Watches begin at 1200.

Campus Housing Check-Out


Classes End April 15. Final Exams April 18-22

Final Exam schedule on-line now at MYMMA: https://mymma.mma.edu/Pages/Complete-Finals-Schedule.aspx

CURTIS HALL closes at 5:00 PM on Friday, April 22

ONLY Cruisers may remain in residence – YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN UP – email will come April 11, deadline to sign up to remain in housing will be April 15th, so be determining your plan now.

If you check out during any point of finals week, you MAY NOT return to the building – you will go directly to the ship on move on day at assigned time.

NO GUESTS policy remains in effect. Any disciplinary issues during this time will result in removal from residence and possibly cruise.


You will be able to drop your items off at the Waterfront then park your car and return to have your bags screened then board TSSOM.

Protect your vehicle by keeping it at home or off-campus if possible.

Residential Students with a vehicle may park in the lot between Ritchie Field and the grass practice field during Summer Cruise 2022. There is no parking pass requirement.

For off-campus students – arrange to be dropped off at MMA for Summer Cruise 2022.

A vehicle parked on campus during Summer Cruise 2022 does not have to have a parking pass from Campus Safety.

Campus Safety Email: campussafety@mma.edu

Rental Book Return Deadline

The MMA Bookstore will be open on Friday, 22 April to return Rental Books from noon to 1400.

Books may also be mailed back to the Bookstore. Use a parcel service with tracking information.

Key Documents

Key Dates

24 April: Antigen test for all cruise participants on Waterfront.
24 April: All students participating on Cruise move aboard by Company.

  • Move-Aboard Uniform is cruise khakis w/ ball cap or garrison
  • 1200 – Watches begin with Alpha Company
  • Vehicles may be driven to the waterfront to offload gear and then immediately returned to the designated parking area.

Students involved in Live Burn or MMA Athletic Competitions should plan to deliver gear to Payson early on Sunday, April 24th and then move aboard upon return from the event.

Cruise Schedule & Ports

To review our itinerary, please visit the Port Information page; please note that all ports and dates are subject to change.

The list of mailing addresses for each port will be sent separately. Please advise anyone who may be sending you mail that they should plan to allow one week for delivery; this will help ensure you get your package. However, we recommend that incoming mail be restricted to letters or postcards as the delivery of “care packages” may be delayed.


  • Cruise Khakis (Dickies brand): Cruise Khakis are required for all Midshipmen on cruise. Sewn-in khakis are not authorized for shipboard use.
  • Maintenance Uniforms: Maintenance uniforms are required for all Midshipmen. Maintenance uniforms must be in good repair. Torn uniforms, excessively stained/paint-covered uniforms will need to be replaced prior to cruise. Safety toe boots are required.
  • Covers: RPT Ball cap or Cruise Ball cap are the only two covers authorized with the Maintenance Blue uniform on cruise. Ball caps must be in good repair and not faded. Cruise ball caps will be issued once aboard.
  • Dress Uniforms: Salt & Peppers, Combination Covers, and Bates Shoes (dress shoes) are required. Additionally, the Dress Blue uniform is not required.
  • Relaxed uniforms: Khaki pants or shorts and Navy-Blue MMA Polo are authorized for the relaxed uniform. For details, please contact the MMA Bookstore.
  • PT Gear: PT gear is authorized in the gym and when actively working out and must be in good taste and in good repair. No torn, cut, frayed, dirty, or otherwise unserviceable PT gear will be allowed.

General Housekeeping

Any student with outstanding XD’s can be worked off during port visits.

Please review the Packing List for required gear.

Parking on campus will be available; please review the Parking Map provided for more information.


Dietary Restrictions / Dietary Needs & Allergies
Why is important for Health Services and Steward’s Dept. to know?

Help us keep you safe if you have allergies!

Help us make sure we source enough specialty items!

  • We order specialty items prior to the start of Cruise! (We start ordering now!) to ensure we get in time with today’s supply challenges. Many items are not easily available in ports!
  • Many times we can prepare items in an alternate way in small batches to save you time! (IE if we know you can’t have dairy, we can pre-prepare the item without the sauce, if we know ahead!)
  • Are looking for alternate product or snacks – we may be able to help you by sourcing for the ship store!
  • Access to Sodexo’s Registered Dietitian, Chelsea Champagne’s support!

Ship Store Employment

Have some fun, make some cash!

If you are interested in working in the Ship Store for Cruise 2022

    • You MUST be setup with MMA Student Payroll Office (Traci Clair) PRIOR to the start of cruise
    • You MUST have setup direct deposit with MMA Student Payroll PRIOR to Cruise.
      Even if you have worked with me before, please send me an email with:

      • Your Name
      • Your Cruising Company
      • Your Student ID # (So I can verify with student Payroll)

If you are interested, please contact Jayme Maynard, Chief Steward – TSSOM for more information and to apply at jayme.maynard@sodexo.com or 207-326-2464.

End of Cruise 2022

The last day of cruise is 24 June. If you are making flight arrangements, please do not book a flight earlier than 1600.

The goal is to have final room inspections complete and all Midshipmen ashore by 1300 on 24 June; all cleaning guidelines must be met at that time.

The uniform required for departure from the training cruise is proper civilian attire.