Veteran Students Checklist

Before Acceptance to MMA

  • Get your COE (Certificate of Eligibility) from the VA by going to and clicking on “Apply for Benefits.” Obtaining your COE may take time, so continue with the following steps if you have completed the online portion.

After Acceptance to MMA:

  • Turn in the COE or Letter of Eligibility to Laura Nason-Moulton, who serves as the VA certifying official at MMA. Nason-Moulton is in the Registrar’s Office in Dismukes or
  • Submit a Certification of Enrollment Form available from Mrs. Nason-Moulton. You must do this for every semester, as soon as you have signed up for classes.
  • Every semester, submit a Request for VA Educational Benefits form. Complete this as soon as you have finalized your classes for the term.
  • If you have any changes to your COE, Class Schedule, or academic standing, you must inform the Certifying Official, Laura Nason-Moulton as soon as possible.