Veteran Services FAQ

First, contact the VA and determine which benefits you qualify for. Then, get your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or your Notice of Benefits Eligibility (NOBE). From there, you can follow our checklist.
Depending on what chapter of benefits you are using, we may be waiting on the add/drop period to pass before certifying your classes to the VA. This allows you to adjust your schedule without incurring a debt or an overage that will have to be paid back later. We suggest that you go to your portal and update your anticipated resources so that you don’t incur a late fee.
There could be several reasons. The one we most often encounter is that a fee is added by the program that you are enrolled in. The GI Bill will only pay the fees that are assessed to every student and not to specific schools or programs.
Yes, you do. However, SGA sponsors a Veterans Day Ceremony every year, and the Regiment of Midshipmen hosts a lunch with student veterans and faculty veterans in the dining hall.
You MUST certify your classes for each semester if you want to get paid by the VA.
To start the process for Ch. 1606/1607 benefits go to:
You should let us know any time there is a change in your class schedule. If it is done before the add/drop period, we can help to ensure that you don’t incur any overages or debts.
If you have been getting paid regularly and there is a sudden change in your benefits (not related to the end of a semester or break periods) you will have to contact the VA to find out why. We do not process the payment. We only report your credit hours to the VA, and the rest is handled by them.
For Navy and Marines go to; for Army go to; for Air Force, request transcripts be sent from CCAF directly to the school by visiting
It depends on your chapter. Contact the VA Education Office.
That is largely dependent on the chapter of benefits that you qualify for. For more information on your chapter go to:
The stipend for books is distributed at the beginning of each semester and is based on the number of classes that you are taking. The stipend is maxed at $1,000 for the entire school year.
They can be reached at 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).
You can find out what benefits you have used and have remaining at:
Yes, you still need to verify with us the classes that you are taking. It is your responsibility to verify that the classes you are taking are covered.
If you are in an unlimited license program (MTO, MEO, MET, MSE-5, MSE-4 only first year), you are required to be in the Regiment of Midshipmen. Other majors may opt in to the Regiment. You will attend a 10-day Regimental Preparatory Training (RPT) at the end of August. You will have a Non-Traditional student briefing with Captain Gandy, the Commandant of Midshipmen. After RPT, you will then be a Midshipman-Under-Guidance (MUG) for six weeks (MUG Month).Once you have successfully completed MUG Month, you will then be sworn in as a 4th Class Midshipman in the Regiment. You will receive 1st Class privilege. More details will be given during the Non-Traditional student briefing.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please submit them to: