Out of the Fog

Posted on: July 13, 2023

Day 4 underway  in the North Atlantic and finally out of the fog. A real summers day out here off of LaHave Bank so we took advantage of a clear horizon and a sun high in the sky by taking a few noon sights. After that we decided it would be best to open up the pool and do a swim call. Rotating through, all hands were able to soap up and jump into the deep clear blue water. Once underway we sent the cook aloft to the ICE barrel to spot any wildlife. Sure enough a few Mola Mola fish and a pod of dolphins in what appeared to be a feeding frenzy was spotted.

For the foodies the cook made a lovely stew with Newfoundland local moose meat and mushrooms. Today she followed up with homemade cheese cake with blueberries on top. A world away from traditional shipboard meals as  we are enjoying luxury.

Capt. Peacock