Bowdoin is out of the shipyard and getting ready for voyage

Posted on: May 19, 2023

The 11 crew of the Arctic schooner Bowdoin have completed shipyard and are now moving on to the next phase of fitting out Bowdoin for this summer’s CR-214 voyage to Newfoundland Labrador. There was little time between hauling Bowdoin and the crew joining the ship but with determination and eagerness, all hands jumped at the challenged and completed a short and busy haul-out period. During this time Bowdoin was lifted out of the water at Front Street shipyard in Belfast and the crew became responsible for prepping and painting Bowdoin from the waterline up while the yard took care of the water line down. The pace has not slowed much with the crew making sure all painting projects are completed this week so we can move on to the up-rig portion of the fit-out. During up-rig, the crew will start to become very familiar with Bowdoin’s rigging as they hang each block and run each line that makes up the running rigging. On top of this, we are making time to complete all safety training, ship familiarity, and checklists that we go over and over again to cement the many procedures and safety measures required onboard.