2017 Summer Training Cruise

Day 22 | Approaching First International Port

Posted on: May 26, 2017

Just a few days out from Tenerife, and the mood on the ship is one of growing anticipation and excitement, as the ship approaches its first international port, which for some on the ship, will be the first time visiting a foreign country.  One of the favorite things to do in the evening is to grab a bag of popcorn from the Ship Store and sit out on the fantail and enjoy the wonderful sunsets that everyone has been accustomed to seeing at this point, having been afforded with great evening weather every night since leaving Charleston. Training is coming along nicely, and students have really gotten into the groove of getting work done, in addition to the daily chores, Maintenance, and Watch rounds.  Tonight, the clock moves ahead another hour, with one more yet to come in another couple of days.

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