2017 Schedule


May 15: Students arrive in Castine
June 24: CR214 departs Castine
June 30: Arrive Summerside
July 2: Depart Summerside
July 7: Arrive Havre-Saint-Pierre
July 9: Depart Havre-Saint-Pierre
July 14: Arrive Saguenay
July 17: Depart Saguenay
July 18: Arrive Quebec City
July 19: CR214 Ends, students depart Quebec


July 22: Board Bowdoin
July 23: Depart Quebec City
July 29: Arrive Corner Brook
July 31: Depart Corner Brook
August 4: Arrive Sydney | Crew Change | CR313C Ends


August 4: Board Bowdoin
August 6: Depart Sydney
August 10: Arrive Lunenburg
August 12: Depart Lunenburg
August 15: Arrive Digby
August 16: CR313A Ends, Crew Change


August 16: Board Bowdoin, Depart Digby
August 18: Arrive Saint John
August 20: Depart Saint John
August 27: Arrive Castine, CR313B Ends

Note: schedule is subject to change and will be updated as necessary