2024 Summer Training Cruise

Day 0: Cruise 2024 Has Started!

Posted on: May 5, 2024

Alpha Company Report:

Today, Sunday, May 5th, 2024, marked the start of the 2024 TSSOM Training Cruise. Alpha company began boarding at 0800, starting with check-in with LCDR Gualtieri and LT Willette. They were the first to move into their respective berthing spaces and commenced watch at 1000, which they will maintain until 0800 on May 6th, 2024. At 1300, we held our first muster to introduce the ship’s crew and training officers to Alpha company. Additionally, Alpha oversaw scullery duties in the mess deck, assisting Sodexo with meal serving and clean-up. Tomorrow, Alpha will be on maintenance duty, and we eagerly anticipate a successful cruise.

Chase McKeen, 4/C MET

Bravo Company Report:

Today, May 5th at 0845, Bravo Company began the boarding process for Cruise 2024. LCDR Gualtieri and LT Willette ensured every cadet was present in the proper cruise khaki uniform along with their paperwork, passports, TWIC cards on hand. 2/C and 1/C MIDN were also checked for their Merchant Mariner Credentials. Following this CMDR Christian and Chief Warrant Officer Kowalski conducted bag searches for unapproved items. All Bravo Company Midshipmen had regulation haircuts and were allowed to board. After MIDN finished loading their own bags, additional emergency gear was issued to all faculty and cadets. Emergency gear consisted of life jackets and immersion suits. Cadets were then given time to square away their berthing spaces or staterooms. At 1200 lunch was served to all staff and faculty before afternoon Muster at 1300 on the 03 Reception Deck. At 1345 cadets were given liberty until 2000 to go support the Mariner’s Men’s Lacrosse Team in their game against the SUNY Poly. Tomorrow the Ship’s crew will conduct emergency drills to practice accountability and proper procedures.

Isaac Renshaw-Sirimoglu, 4/C MET

Charlie Company Report:

Charlie Company arrived at 0930 to board the ship. After getting our TWICs and passports checked, Charlie Company utilized a lot of teamwork to get all our luggage on the ship. The male midshipmen went to the berthings to unpack, as the females went to their assigned staterooms. From there, lots of unpacking occurred and racks were made. PFDs and immersion suits were issued to everyone which they will bring to fire and emergency drills and abandon ship drills. At 1300 accountability and passing of word occurred on the 03 deck (one of the higher up decks). We were introduced to a lot of the staff who will be on cruise and then we were granted liberty. Many used liberty to go get snacks for the long trip and prepare for the following days.

Mia Plaskiewicz, 4/C MTO

Delta Company Report:

Today Delta Company was the last of the four companies to board the Training Ship State of Maine. I arrived to find a long line of other 4/C students with their parents already forming a long line spaced between their, oftentimes, too much baggage. Spirits were high for the most part as we conversed waiting to check in, get our room assignments, and have our luggage brief. One interesting piece of luggage I saw being brought onboard was a student with what looked to be a full or queen-size memory foam mattress topper strapped to his sea bag. I assume that student is in for a shock when he realizes the mattresses are actually smaller than a twin.

At 1300 we were instructed to meet on the 03 deck to be briefed by Captain MacArthur and Commandant Winter. They went over basic expectations for the cruise as far as safety and respecting each other, and then had the staff who were onboard come and briefly introduce themselves to us so we could put faces to names. We received liberty to go ashore from the ship nearly an hour later, and the Commandant suggested we go support the MMA Lacrosse team that was playing. A good amount of students turned out to that, but an equal amount turned out to T&C Grocery across the street to buy all sorts of junk food and energy drinks to stock their rooms with. Most of the rest of the evening is being spent by the students unpacking and getting settled into their state rooms or berthings as tomorrow we officially kick off day 1 of the training cruise at 0710.

Harington Sauer, 4/C