2024 Summer Training Cruise

Day 12: Another lap around the Bay

Posted on: May 17, 2024

Like yesterday with permission of the Coast Guard, the TSSOM was allowed to raise anchor and sail within Penobscot Bay. This allowed the upperclassmen time at the helm as they made laps around the island of Islesboro under the pilotage of the ship’s Chief Mate. Unlike the day before, today we sailed out to a distance far enough from the shore to dispose of ground-up food waste overboard, which allowed some students to experience SRC duty.

Today would have marked our second day in port in Florida, and some students are disappointed by that. Overall though the general consensus is that if we were to have to miss a port that would be the one most would have liked to have missed anyway. We are still awaiting the part for the davit brake that is en route from Norway and is projected to arrive on May 23rd.

The food on the ship remains highly edible, and for dinner tonight we had chicken pasta and roast beef in gravy (to which I added sliced jalapenos to because I have patrician taste buds). The ship is stocked with many tubs of various flavors of Gifford’s Ice Cream, which the students are often seen eating perhaps too much of instead of salad.

Dakota from IT will be streaming the Bruins game and we have movie night and everyone’s favorite Cars.

Post By: 4/C Harrington Sauer, MTO Delta Company