2024 Summer Training Cruise

Day 11: We are Underway…

Posted on: May 16, 2024

We are underway!* At around 0950 this morning we weighed anchor and set off to do some laps around the Penobscot Bay. It’s a refreshing sight to look out on the horizon and see the land go by after a week at anchor. With lifeboat parts another week away, and our stop at St. Thomas looking less than likely, this was just what the midshipmen needed to stay excited about cruise. With no time to spare either; today was to be our first stop in Port Everglades, Florida, and the chill winds and overcast sky won’t seem to let us forget it.

With the delays have come adjustments to our daily schedules, Alpha and Charlie are both conducting maintenance all over the ship. Bravo is on watch, doing their duties to keep the TSSOM running 24 hours a day. Delta has gone around the ship tidying up and taking inventory of all the cleaning gear lockers.  Delta 2nd Class Deckies were also on the Helm.

Today is another day of making the best with what we have. It’s been tough since the beginning, but we’ve been tougher. We may not be lounging on the beaches of Florida like we planned, but we’re keeping our heads up high and enjoying another cloudy day in the Penobscot Bay!

Tonight we have trivia night, tomorrow is the cribbage tournament and Saturday is the first cornhole tournament – we are staying busy.

Post By: 4/C Avery Spurr, MSE5 Delta Company