2022 Summer Training Cruise

A Few Days in Charleston and the Unknown

Posted on: May 6, 2022

Our time in Charleston is coming to an end, by tomorrow we will be cruising towards a destination yet to be determined. Unfortunately, COVID-19 saw fit to bring itself on board, and after testing everyone onboard, we will be unable to enter the port of Bermuda. Fret not, all those who tested positive are almost entirely asymptomatic and isolating in rooms we set aside for this very possibility. They are well and in good spirits, if a little stir crazy. Before our port call was cut short, students and crew got to enjoy a couple days in the historic city, visiting the remains of Fort Sumter, Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, and the many fine galleries, parks, and museums within the old city.

This photo was completely candid, no posing occurred whatsoever.

Evenings are best in Charleston for those of us more used to snow than palm trees

The day was spent largely on standby as we wait to hear back from authorities on our next moves. While it is certainly disheartening to experience such an unexpected change in course, we take pride in the words of Captain MacArthur:

“I ask all of you to get the most out of every day. This is still the coolest way to go to college and we’re all lucky to be doing what we’re doing. Be kind to each other and help each other along.”

We know wherever we end up, we’ll be met with friendly faces.