2018 Summer Training Cruise

Day 9: Flying Fish

Posted on: May 15, 2018

It is another gorgeous day on the Atlantic! Since yesterday we have steamed an easterly (090 true) course along the 38.7-degree north line of latitude and are making great time. Over the past 24 hours we’ve clocked 361.7 miles traveled at 15.1 knots. We are approximately 500 miles due south of Saint Johns, Newfoundland and hope to be passing thru the Azores on Friday en route to Cadiz. We spotted a plethora of flying fish yesterday afternoon while out enjoying the sunshine throughout the day and into the early evening. This morning we staged the first of a series of underway-vessel security drills and Delta Company 2/C had their STCW certified Vessel Security Officer (VSO) exam.

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