2018 Summer Training Cruise

Day 51: Beautiful Day

Posted on: June 26, 2018

Today started like every other with a muster at 0730 which is a daily occurrence onboard. After muster students have 20 minutes to get ready and to their assigned duties for the day. Alpha company had utility today, starting out by collecting all the trash around the ship and processing it in SRC. SRC is a room onboard where all trash is stored, plastic is melted, and food waste is ground and pumped over the side in accordance with MARPOL regulations. Delta Company had maintenance in both the engine room and on deck. In the engine room, work continued and was finished on removing the old heavy fuel oil (HFO) fuel skid. The HFO fuel skid was removed since State of Maine runs solely on diesel fuel marine (DFM) now. Bravo Company started the day as normal with deck training learning about hurricanes with a NOAA representative onboard. Finally, Charlie Company had watch where they worked hard to complete their STCW sign offs which is a cruise requirement. Following the hard work during the day, students soaked up the sun, and played corn hole on the steal beach (04 Deck) which is the highest aft deck. The day ended with a sunset that was perfect for taking an azimuth of the sun which juniors need for their 2/C cruise project. Overall, students are looking forward to reaching Spain. 20 days until TSSOM returns home to her berth in Castine, ready to greet the incoming freshmen next fall.


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