2018 Summer Training Cruise

Day 41: Onto the Mediterranean!

Posted on: June 16, 2018

Last night we crossed through the straits of Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean Sea! After advancing our clocks an hour, we are currently 6 hours ahead of those back home in the Eastern Time Zone. Today was another day filled with hard work. Delta Company was on maintenance painting various areas of the ship. Bravo Company did the daily cleaning on utility, keeping the interior of the ship in pristine condition. Alpha company had their third training day in a row. During training our NOAA representative on board, Rusty Albaral, gave a presentation–an overview of meteorology. Engine training worked on a black pipe project as well as an electrical project. Charlie Company stood watch making sure the ship is running as safe and as smooth as possible. Only five days until we reach Civitavecchi, Italy!

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