2018 Summer Training Cruise

Day 31: Another Day of Hard Work

Posted on: June 6, 2018

It’s been a busy day aboard TS State of Maine. The students are doing tasks to keep the ship in great shape. Bravo Company continues maintenance in both the engine room and on the deck. Students in the engine room are working on fixing main sea water pump number 3 (MSW3) which is one of the pumps that keeps various machinery around the engine room cool. On deck, there are students working on the number 1 lifeboat engine. Charlie company recovers from their two days on watch by cleaning the ship and carrying out utility tasks throughout the ship. Alpha company is completing their deck and engine tests today. They are spending the time after their morning exam to study for the afternoon exam. Alpha company will assume the watch tomorrow until our arrival in three days to Lisbon, which marks the middle of cruise for 4/C and the end of cruise for some 2/C midshipmen. The juniors from cruise A will be switching out with cruise B juniors.

A big event will take place tomorrow night when two members from each company will face off with other companies in a chicken-wing-eating competition.

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