2018 Summer Training Cruise

Day 24: Fog

Posted on: May 30, 2018

We woke up to some very thick fog this morning. We thought it would burn off, but it is being persistent so our fog horn continues to sound one prolonged blast (4-6 seconds duration) at intervals not to exceed two minutes. Charlie Company is on maintenance, braving the chilly wind preparing the ship ready for our arrival in Rotterdam tomorrow morning.

Bravo is posting watch. Alpha has training today; they’re learning how to properly receive a pilot and will later be solidifying their knowledge of the engine room systems as they trace major components of the plant.
Delta is busy on utility making sure our living quarters aboard the ship are clean and neat as we prepare to dock in the Netherlands.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the Training Ship’s limited connectivity to the Internet, blog postings are delayed and are not intended for real-time communication. To communicate with your student, please send messages to his or her issued e-mail address.