On Campus Graduate Courses

Total Credit Hours – On Campus – Global Logistics & Maritime Management

  • 36 Graduate courses shall be earned as follows:
  • 15 credit hours of specific global logistics or maritime management courses
  • 5 credit hours of Quantitative, Introductory and Research courses
  • 16 credit hours of Core Business courses with a Global Logistics focus

The Curriculum

  • Two-week orientation summer session in August
  • Two traditional full semesters – Fall and Spring
  • Six-week program wrap-up courses in May/June

August Orientation Courses – 4 credits

OR503 | Introduction to Research and Resources: This course will establish the basic vocabulary of business research and basic research concepts; introduce the electronic and print resources that will be used at MMA. Credit Hours-1

OR504 | Introduction to Business and Management Functions: This course will introduce the fundamentals of business and corporate organization functions and relationships focusing on logistics and maritime management in global supply chains for both planning as well as execution/implementation processes. Graduate Credit Hours-1

OR505 | Statistics for Business and Logistics: This course will introduce and review fundamental statistics used in business and logistics focusing on applied statistics; case studies will complement the classroom material. Graduate Credit Hours-2

Fall Semester – 13 credits

BA542 | Accounting and Finance for International Logistics: This course will focus on the understanding and use of accounting and finance by non–financial managers. Students will gain an understanding of the basic principles of accounting and finance. Students will learn how to apply that knowledge as a management tool in international logistics management. Financial statement analysis, internal control, inventory control and metrics, currency valuations, internal cost allocations, methods of controlling geographically and organizationally diverse business units, financial ratios, working capital management, debt and equity financing, and other accounting and finance concepts will be addressed. The course will include both lectures and case studies. Graduate Credit Hours-3

BA545 | International Organizational Development & Change for Supply Chain Providers: This course targets supply chain professionals who aim to develop organizational assessment and design skills that are vital in an era of mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations. Students consider the relationship of organizational design to organizational effectiveness, the challenges of strategy formulation, cross-cultural and national influences on organizational behavior and culture, the implications of change to organizational and workforce development, and the role of leadership in the 21st century. Business partnerships and casework examples that include logistics, maritime management, and operations examples will be featured. Graduate Credit Hours-3

BA546 | Fundamentals of International Logistics: This course will introduce the fundamentals of logistics as seen in inventory and freight transportation. Inventory topics include inventory’s role in logistics, materials handling and packaging, warehousing function and management, and purchasing. Freight transportation will explore the freight modes or types of transportation, their characteristics and operations, and the growing role of containerized intermodal as well as the multimodal movement of product between modes. Graduate Credit Hours-3

BA544 | Economics for Global Maritime, Transportation & Logistics: This course will address the nature of the demand and supply for transportation and logistics services including costs and market structure for international transportation and logistics firms. The course will also explore tariff and non- tariff barriers to trade between nations. Various topics of risk management including working capital financing decisions, insurance, hedging and other risk management techniques for the purchase or sale of fuel, currency, and other products. Graduate Credit Hours-3

RC540 | Applied Research for Business & Consulting: This course focuses on professional development, professional ethics, and self-development in the context of serving as an internal (or external) management consultant, including types, roles, and activities of consulting. The course will develop the consultancy/research process, brief, and plan; data collection methods; and the collection of internal and external secondary data. Graduate Credit Hours-1

Spring Semester – 13 credits

BA552 | Production Operations Management for Manufacturing and Heavy Industry: This course introduces production and operations management used in manufacturing and heavy industry with an emphasis on heavy industry, shipbuilding and general manufacturing. The focus of the course is on operations in a manufacturing environment. Topics covered will include integrated design, program management, process selection and analysis, lean operations, quality systems, total quality management, facilities management, capacity planning and project planning and scheduling. Graduate Credit Hours-3

BA547 | Global Strategic Marketing Management for Supply Chain Advantage: This course illustrates how application of strategic marketing management principles in a global logistics and maritime context optimizes supply chain competitive advantage for manufacturers, retailers, and logistics service providers. Students consider the relationship of marketing to organizational strategy formulation, brand management, business-to-business relationships, business-to-consumer opportunities, and contemporary logistics challenges. In addition the course introduces qualitative research methodology, product/service development, customer relationship management (CRM), channel management, pricing, and integrated marketing communications. Case study, industry collaborations, and project work emphasize the importance of relationship marketing, systems thinking, and alignment throughout logistics and maritime management in the global supply chain. Graduate Credit Hours-3

BA548 | Applied Logistics for International Supply Chain Success: This course is the applied portion of concepts learned in BA546, Fundamentals of International Logistics. The course will utilize a variety of teaching methods such as case studies to ingrain logistics concepts in a more applied manner. Topics will include managing trade-offs of logistics, alternative logistics strategies (FTZ’s), as well as preparing for and managing through disruptions in the supply chain. Graduate Credit Hours-3

BA551 | Port and Transport Terminal Operations in Global Logistics: This course will examine the roles of ports in international logistics; an in-depth study of transport terminals and their operations including terminals for ocean container; bulk; break-bulk; rail intermodal; rail carload; package; and inland water. Graduate Credit Hours-3

May-June Classes – 6 credits (required of all Graduate Students)

BA560 | Global Logistics & Maritime Management Strategy: This course will require students to analyze a significant case study or multiple case studies that incorporate most or all of the elements introduced in the Global Logistics and Maritime Management Program. Research and extensive writing will be expected. May be team taught. Graduate Credit Hours-4

BA561 | Special Topics in Global Logistics & Maritime Management: This course is designed to introduce the students to a world-class port or series of ports through study and evaluation culminating in a week at a port and its related facilities and operations. May be team taught. Graduate Credit Hours-3

Independent Study – if needed
RC698 | Special Topics in Research: A course allowing students to pursue advanced topics of international business and logistics not offered in the curriculum.  Topics of study will depend on the interests of the student and supervising faculty member(s). Approval by department chair is required. Graduate Credit Hours – 1-3