Maine Maritime Academy’s Regiment of Midshipmen holds annual Change of Command Ceremony

Posted on: March 2, 2021

CASTINE – Maine Maritime Academy President, Dr. William J. Brennan, along with Vice President Dr. Elizabeth True, Captain Brendan McAvoy, and Commandant of Midshipmen John Cashman presided over the Academy’s Change of Command Ceremony last month, welcoming a new group of students into critical leadership roles.

This annual ceremony honors the symbolic and physical transfer of authority and responsibilities between two classes of student leaders; graduating First Class Midshipmen pass their leadership positions to Second Class Midshipmen who will guide the Regiment through next spring.

Students at attention for eventTraditionally, the Change of Command Ceremony takes place in-person before the entire Regiment. This year, in an effort to keep the entire MMA community safe, only the incoming and outgoing student leaders attended in-person. The event was live-streamed, and a recording of the ceremony can be found here.

“We are incredibly grateful to our outgoing student leaders,” said Commandant Cashman. “Their leadership has had a profound and positive impact on Regimental operations during this unprecedented time.”

In addition to performing traditional responsibilities as designated by their roles, the outgoing class of 2021 leadership were instrumental in helping facilitate multiple transitions to remote operations, completing pre-cruise familiarization of our training ship State of Maine, orchestrating a safe Regimental Preparatory Training evolution for incoming freshmen, and maintaining Regimental standards throughout the college’s successful return to campus this spring.

“Incoming class of 2022 officers are taking the lead during another historic time at MMA as we continue to adapt based on the pandemic, but we have no doubt that they will excel in meeting their responsibilities and in providing critical guidance and support for their peers over the course of the next year,” continued Cashman.

As they settle into their roles, the new officers are preparing for a rigorous at-sea training schedule, including two cruises this summer and an additional rotation this fall. They will also continue planning for the arrival of incoming Regimental students in August and evolve daily operations to accommodate changing health and safety protocols. Information about current activities can be found on the MMA website.

Outgoing class of 2021 Regimental Commander is 1/C Matthew Harris, a Marine Transportation Operations major from Perry, Maine, passed his responsibilities to incoming class of 2022 Regimental Commander 2/C John Watt, a Marine Engineering Technology major from Greenville, Maine.

Outgoing class of 2021 Wedge and Company Commanders:

  • Regimental Executive Officer: Midshipman 1/C Sayre Pono, Marine Engineering Technology, Skowhegan, ME
  • Regimental Operations Officer: Midshipman 1/C Owen McClain, Marine Transportation Operations, Albany, NY
  • Cadet Master: Midshipman 1/C Hayden Sattler, Marine Transportation Operations, Ellsworth, ME
  • Cadet Chief Engineer: Midshipman 1/C Dylan Bunker, Marine Engineering Technology, Bucksport, ME
  • Regimental Adjutant: Midshipman 1/C Peter Michaud, Marine Engineering Operations, Millinocket, ME
  • Regimental Master at Arms and the Regimental Physical Training Instructor: Midshipman 1/C Steven Gerencer, Marine Engineering Operations, Bowdoin, ME
  • Regimental Public Relations Officer: Midshipman 1/C Andrew Todd, Marine Transportation Operations, Skowhegan, ME
  • Regimental Morale Officer: Midshipman 1/C Chase Albert, Marine Engineering Operations, Old Town, ME
  • Regimental Senior Stryker: Midshipman 1/C George Albert, Marine Transportation Operations, Powhatan, VA
  • Cadet Chief Mate: Midshipman 1/C Korey DeBoth, Marine Transportation Operations, Springvale, ME
  • Cadet 1st Engineer: Midshipman 1/C Noah Morin-Roy, Marine Engineering Technology, Biddeford, ME
  • Band Company: Midshipman 1/C Hunter Marshall, Marine Engineering Technology, Turner, ME
  • Alpha Company: Midshipman 1/C Hawke Magliozzi, Marine Transportation Operations, Elliot, ME
  • Bravo Company: Midshipman 1/C Jacob Lennon, Marine Engineering Technology, Albion, ME
  • Charlie Company: Midshipman 1/C McKinley Murphy, Marine Transportation Operations, Harrison, ME
  • Delta Company: Midshipman 1/C Lucas Gaddini, Marine Engineering Technology, Auburn, CA
  • Drill Company: Midshipman 1/C Bryant Peterson, Marine Engineering Operations, Portland, ME

Incoming class of 2022 Wedge and Company Commanders include:

  • Regimental Executive Officer: Midshipman 2/C Max Mattson, Marine Engineering Technology, Blue Hill, ME
  • Regimental Operations Officer: Midshipman 2/C Tristan Walker, Oceanography, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Cadet Master: Midshipman 2/C Nickolaus Lewis, Marine Transportation Operations, Penobscot, ME
  • Cadet Chief Engineer: Midshipman 2/C Jacob Olson, Marine Engineering Technology, Charleston, ME
  • Regimental Adjutant: Midshipman 2/C Patrick Whittam, Marine Transportation Operations, Lewes, DE
  • Regimental Master at Arms: Midshipman 2/C Jonathan McIntyre, Marine Engineering Operations, Gouldsboro, ME
  • Regimental Physical Training Instructor: Midshipman 2/C Kristian Kibler, Marine Engineering Operations, Camden, ME
  • Regimental Public Relations: Midshipman 2/C Gloria Passman, Marine Biology and Small Vessel Operations, Bar Harbor, ME
  • Regimental Morale Officer: Midshipman 2/C Joseph Van Ess, Vessel Operations Technology, Mechanicsville, VA
  • Regimental Senior Stryker: Midshipman 2/C Catherine Cornell, Marine Transportation Operations, Portland, ME
  • Cadet Chief Mate: Midshipman 2/C Griffin Desmarteau, Marine Transportation Operations, Pawleys Island, SC
  • Cadet 1st Engineer: Midshipman 2/C Mason Oliver, Marine Engineering Technology
  • Band Company: Midshipman 2/C Patrick McEneaney, Marine Systems Engineering, Belfast, ME
  • Alpha Company: Midshipman 2/C Darren Turner, Marine Engineering Technology, Charlotte, ME
  • Bravo Company: Midshipman 2/C Sawyer King, Marine Engineering Technology, Appleton, ME
  • Charlie Company: Midshipman 2/C Daniel Henesy, Marine Engineering Operations, Mount Pleasant SC
  • Delta Company: Midshipman 2/C George Hawley, Marine Transportation Operations, Savannah, GA
  • Drill Company: Midshipman 2/C Christian Shepard, Marine Transportation Operations