Written Stories

We are Mariners. We are disciplined. We are steadfast. We are passionate. We are loyal. We are resilient. You are a Mariner, part of the MMA family. This is a collection of stories that answer, "What is your Mariner story?"

  • Indoc 1982

    By: Chris Skempris '86

    I reported for indoc in the summer of 1982 as a “MUG” starting my career as a member of the class of 1986. The first thing I was presented with was our little black book or Maine Brace and was instructed to put it in my left rear pocket and keep it with me at […]


  • Philip Adams

    The Solid 28

    By: Philip J. Adams 1943-1

    Being a member of the first class was truly a most unique and rewarding experience. We went to Castine when there was no Academy. We weathered critical events that had to be resolved for the Academy to survive and prosper. Let the record show the solid 28 were up to the task in every case. […]