2017 Summer Training Cruise

Arrival in Portland: 6/15 Update

Posted on: June 15, 2017


The following is the current schedule for arrival in Portland on Saturday, June 17:

0800 Arrival Portland Harbor, end of sea passage.
0900 Pilot aboard
1000 Anchor Portland Harbor inner anchorage.
1400 Prepare for Deck Parade (SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)
1430 Assemble by company at the rail in PARADE REST on the 04 for Deck
Parade until dismissed
1430 Docking master aboard, up anchor
1445 Tugs A/S
1530 Docked/FWE
Immigration will begin once Border Patrol is aboard. No one will be
allowed to embark or disembark until all crew has been cleared through
Customs and Immigration.

Liberty to follow

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